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Innovative approach in the social and labor sphere

day of digitalization

Today, August 9, the day of digitalization of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place on the Astana Hub site with the participation of Vice-Minister Nariman Mukushev and representatives of Kazakhstani IT companies.

The Vice-Minister informed about the projects of the department and initiated the initiative with the IT market.

"The first thing I would like to tell you about is the Electronic Labor Exchange - the link between the employer and the applicant. Here, in addition to the possibility of placing vacancies and resumes, automatic selection of vacancies, each applicant can pass a test for career guidance and determine in which profession he will be easier to implement himself, "N. Mukushev said.

Today, more than 58 thousand employers and 225 thousand applicants have already used EST services. Through EST, 203 thousand people were employed. More than 36 thousand vacancies and more than 91 thousand resumes are located on the basis of EST. 6 Internet sites for employment are connected to EST, jobs are accepted from 4 printed media in Astana and Almaty.

Within the framework of the electronic labor exchange, the Ministry is developing a skills bank to improve the quality of jobseeker job selection, which will allow to pinpoint the skills claimed on the labor market and to identify areas requiring retraining of citizens.

At the moment, employment centers are occupied by employment centers and private employment agencies. By registering on the EST portal, private employment agencies have the opportunity to recruit applicants for vacancies online and free of charge.

Already 45 private employment agencies use ESTs to carry out their activities. During the period from January to August 2018, they published 8,182 vacancies.

In the near future, the Ministry plans to transfer a part of employment services to private employment agencies. This will significantly expand the infrastructure that facilitates employment.

The second important project of the Ministry for the direction of digitalization was the system of electronic labor contracts - E-HR.

"Now, on the basis of the Ministry, a single repository for the registration of electronic labor contracts has been developed. The employer concludes a contract with the employee and sends information about the contract to a single repository via web services. We invite the employer to form an electronic personal file. Thus, we simplify the process of employment for individuals, as well as for employers themselves, "the vice-minister said.

Nariman Mukushev urged representatives of IT companies to cooperate in creating and finalizing IT staff solutions for companies to work with a single repository for the recording of electronic labor contracts and a portal for registration of contracts for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have information systems for personnel records.

Also, the Ministry is developing a service for the provision of proactive services. This new format implies that the service is initiated not by a citizen, but by the state. Since January 1 this year. there is already such a service for prescribing benefits in connection with the birth of a child.

In addition, from July 2, launched a composite service when the retirement age.

"For example, earlier, in order for a citizen to be assigned a basic, funded, solidarity pension and a state guarantee, he needed to contact the CSC three times, write 4 applications and provide a lot of documents. Now it is enough for him to apply once and to write a statement, to provide a minimum package of documents, "explained N. Mukushev.

To optimize the process of paying benefits, the department plans to create a social card of the citizen, to which accruals will be made to the account of cash payments, pensions, subsidies tied to the social card.

For persons with disabilities, the pilot project "Face ID" was launched, aimed at transporting technical means of rehabilitation. At delivery and transfer of the goods there is an identification of the person on technology «Face ID». This allows you to reduce the response time for the execution of the application and the delivery of goods, monitor the timing of implementation.

The Vice-Minister pointed out that today the Ministry collects a huge amount of data on various types of services every day. To process these data, it is planned to use artificial intelligence technologies.

"We offer the market to actively participate in the initiative on the use of artificial intelligence in the Ministry. For our part, we are ready to provide methodological support. On your part, we are waiting for decisions on the application of IT, for the benefit of our citizens and the country as a whole, "said Vice Minister Nariman Mukushev.

Изменён 9 августа, 2018 - 19:00
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