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State address social assistance (hereinafter - ASA) - payment in cash, provided by the state to individuals (families) with a monthly average per capita income below the criteria established in the regions, cities of national importance, the capital

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Electronic labor exchangeа (hereinafter referred to as the E-Exchange) is a single digital platform for employment, providing opportunities for job search and assistance in recruiting staff. Information on vacancies and job seekers throughout the Republic is updated daily from various sources:

- employers and job seekers themselves;

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IE " E-HALYK " is an electronic version of the household book of akims of rural districts. It will be used to account for the size and composition of the population, formation of village budget and expenditure planning.

Mandatory social insurance – set of measures arranged, controlled and guaranteed by the state for partial compensation of the income due to loss of labor ability and (or) loss of job, as well as the loss of breadwinner, loss of income due to pregnancy and births, adoption of the son, adoption of the new born child (children) and nursing till one year age;

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Public control and supervision in the sphere of healthcare service – is a set of measures aimed at verification of compliance with and execution of legislative requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also aimed at prevention, repression and elimination of the violations in the sphere of healthcare service;

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Analysis of international experienceof labor safety system; current state ofLSS (labor safety and security)in Kazakhstan andjustification of system modernization. In modern conditions,large importance isa collective experience ofcountries in international cooperation,on creating safe and harmless labor conditionsin the production activity.

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Adaptation and integration services are aset of services (information, legal, social, medical and educational), provided to the repatriatesand their family membersfor adaptation and integration to the society;

Business immigrantis an immigrantwho arrived forentrepreneurship activity, subject tothe Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

Internal migrationismigration of physical personsinside the Republic of Kazakhstanfor permanent or temporary living;

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