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Dear Bakhytzhan Abdirovich!

Within the framework of the State program "Digital Kazakhstan" in conjunction with local executive bodies, the Ministry is actively working to educate the population and social and labor workers both basic digital skills and advanced user skills in the IT field.

Dear deputates

Dear colleagues,

Dear Bakhytzhan Abdirovich!

Dear colleagues!

Dear Bakytzhan Abdirovich!

Dear colleagues!

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Dear participants of the meeting!

At the enlarged Cabinet meeting on 9 September 2016 in the framework of implementation of President's instructions on employment and encourage mass entrepreneurship for late 2017 – 2021 adopted a program of development of mass entrepreneurship and Productive employment.

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A global survey of adult tobacco use (GATS) is the global standard for systematically monitoring tobacco use (smoked and smokeless) among adults and track key indicators of tobacco control. Survey GATS is a nationally representative survey, using a consistent and standard Protocol in all countries, including Kazakhstan.


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