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Since 2011, 385 citizens of Kazakhstan were sent for treatment abroad at the expense of public funds, the correspondent with reference to the press service of the Ministry of health and social development of Kazakhstan.

As noted, in 2011 abroad 78 patients (17 adults, 61 children), in 2012 – 64 (17 adults, 47 children), in 2013 – 64 (18 adults, 46 children), in 2014 – 70 (45 adults, 25 children), in 2015 – 57 (30 adults, 27 children).

This year in West Kazakhstan region within the program "employment roadmap 2020" will be repaired 15 objects of social sphere, according to the Ministry of health and social development of Kazakhstan.

WEST KAZAKHSTAN REGION 13 September , 17:04

For diagnosing cardiac arrhythmias and myocardial infarction in South Kazakhstan region began to use the complex "heart rate monitor-MT, allowing you to transfer using a smartphone electrocardiogram anywhere in the world, the correspondent

The draft law provides for updating the list of guarantees to veterans temporarily residing in the territory of the States Agreement.

At the plenary session Mazhilis deputies approved and sent to States contact "On ratification of the Protocol on amendments and additions to the Agreement on mutual recognition of privileges and guarantees to participants and invalids of the great Patriotic war, participants of combat actions on the territory of other States, families of the lost military personnel from April 15, 1994", according to

Generous discounts on all in JSC "Passenger transportation" called "Grand".

According to the carrier, additional discounts being introduced from 10 September 2016. Depending on the class of car they can range up to 60%.

Discounts only apply to these routes

For 8 months of the current year, the brigades of the Republican center for sanitary aviation of the Ministry of health of the RK is executed 1408 missions provided medical services 1740: 1365 transportation of patients, 289 consultations and 86 operations. In addition, it was transported 9 of donor organs, reports

70% of the transported patients hospitalized in regional and city medical organizations and 30% in the Republican centers in the cities of Astana and Almaty.

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - the Neurosurgery Department of spinal neurosurgery and pathology of the peripheral nervous system of the National center of neurosurgery performed the operation using a unique technology. The doctors performed the s

urgery through the oral cavity in the pathology of the cervical-occipital region, the press service of the National center of neurosurgery.

Kazakh Sharman Almaz is a scientist that reduced the estimated number of seriously ill people in the world at 7 million. What do we know about Kazakh scientist that recognized the scientific world?

Almaz Sharman - American medical scientist of Kazakh origin.

The study of the Kazakh scientist reduced the estimated number of HIV-infected people in the world 7 million

In particular, the amended article provides for the cases of failure in the state registration.

The Minister of health and social development of Kazakhstan in its order of 28 June 2016 and amended the Rules of state registration, re-registration of medicines, products of medical appointment and medical equipment, according to


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