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Cases of influenza in this epidemic season, is not registered.

In the Republic recorded the seasonal incidence of SARS without exceeding the control levels, reports with reference to the Committee on consumer protection Ministry of national economy. Since the beginning of epidemiological season in the country was more than 45 thousand cases of SARS, the bulk of cases are children under 14 years.

Oncologists alarmed by the results of the II European week of early diagnosis of cancer of the head and neck.

Every tenth citizen of Kazakhstan, who came to the reception to the screening, the radiation oncologist found a tumor. The doctors say that people irresponsible about their health and often ask for help in situations where the disease has gone too far.

From 19 to 21 October 2016 in the city of Almaty hosts international conference "Achievements and prospects of development of the surgical service of Kazakhstan", devoted to 25-anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan, reported on the website of the Ministry of health and social development.

During the forum topical issues of transplantation, modern methods of emergency (urgent) surgical care; new trends in interventional cardiology, arrhythmology, angiosurgery.

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Today at the National scientific center of surgery named. A. N. Syzganov in Almaty hosted a number of workshops from eminent foreign surgeons on complex operations, the correspondent 

More than a million tenge was collected to help the Viola Balan at a charity concert in Shymkent. The viola is a rare heart defect syndrome Sean reports

The surgery and rehabilitation she needs to collect 108 630 euros. The main organizers of the charity event were the leaders of the dance group "the 7th continent". In just two weeks, the effort was organized by the fair and rich concert program.

8-year-old Diana Mamitova decided to cut and sell the scythe to help Viola. 

Don't need to remind you that the profit from the sale of oil is a social guarantees for the population. It's money for the construction of factories providing the citizens with a permanent job, it means for the market development of affordable housing for the working population. Is the emergence of new hospitals, schools and kindergartens.This increase in pensions and benefits. By the way, from the first of January next year, as promised by the state, they will once again increased. All the details under the heading "Facts" Marat Tokmagambetov.

The Ministry of health and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved the registration of well-known drug for the treatment of HIV "Trimec" (Triumeq), the correspondent with reference to the company's GSK and ViiV Healthcare.

From 29 September to 12 October in the framework of the Republican action "the Decision of social problems" conducted more than 8,6 thousand medical examinations of inhabitants of Alga, Kandalakshsk, Shalkar districts of Aktobe region.

AKTOBE REGION 13 Oct , 15:54

Great attention in the organization of public services through the state Corporation "Government for citizens" paid their accessibility to people with disabilities. So, in the front offices of the Corporation set ramp call button for wheelchair users. In the final stage – the work on equipping the front office with information boards with Braille text. Also in the near future it is planned to install tactile paths for the visually impaired, reports

Almaty doctors and experts to discuss the topic of infant and child mortality. At the Congress of children's doctors, with the participation of Kazakhstan pediatricians and specialists from the CIS countries, also discusses the quality of medical care to children in primary health care, Ministry of health and social development of Kazakhstan.


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