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In Kazakhstan major reforms in the social sphere are coming. The Government has developed a concept of social modernization in the period up to 2020. With the implementation of this document in the country the system of social protection, education, health - all areas of life are considered to be changed. Changes, the people  of Kazakhstan should expect on the implementation of this concept, were described in the interview with ‘Vlast” by Tamara Duysenova ,the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Population.


 "The state will help, but social dependency must not exist" – The Interview with Tamara Duysenova , the Minister of Labour and Social Protection to portal "" from 29.04.2014  

On behalf of the Head of State since January of this year in our country subsidy of compulsory pension contributions of women who are on leave to care for a child is introduced. Today For information on how this work is carried out and amount of subsidies our women can expect for, Saule Dyusenova, the first deputy director general of the State Enterprise "State Center for Pension Payments" in an interview with the agency told.


Subsidizing of mandatory pension savings will be a good help for moms Kazakhstan - IA "Kazinform" from 01.04.2014

Voluntary pension contributions to pension funds are not compensated for the risks in difficult and dangerous conditions, therefore reforms were required. It was reported by Serikkali Sabyrzhanov , Deputy Director General of the State Enterprise "SPPC" in an interview to


Voluntary pension contributions to PSF did not compensate for the risks of severe and dangerous working conditions - IA "Bnews" from 13.03.2014

Anna Tsai


"New opportunities for rural entrepreneurs", the newspaper "Business Week" from 13.12.2013    

  Pavel Voronin, Astana

 "Let's be realistic: in the XXI century only labor can provide all citizens of Kazakhstan with a new quality of life. I am absolutely confident that citizens of Kazakhstan will support a policy of social modernization and, moreover, will actively participate in its implementation," - the President Nursultan Nazarbayev said in his keynote article called "Social modernization of Kazakhstan: Twenty steps towards a society of universal labor". News from abroad confirm the validity of these words.


"Sweat and dreams", the newspaper "Express K" from 13.12.2013

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"Roadmap 2020 employment" has already helped hundreds of thousands of Kazakhs.

The word "unemployment" is familiar to many from his childhood. However, in those distant Soviet times spoke of it as a problem "decaying and dying west." Many years have passed, the West and continue to exist, despite the fact that the data on the number of non-permanent work there periodically break records.

Timely program


"The return of hope." Roadmap 2020 employment" has already helped hundreds of thousands of Kazakhs", newspaper "Central Asia Monitor" from 06.12.2013.

About a year ago, the President Nursultan Nazarbayev addressed to the people of Kazakhstan with the new programme called" Strategy of Kazahstian – 2050” ": a new policy of the established state." Among other things, the main task is not to prevent the growth of poverty. "Poverty should not be a social perspective for any citizen of Kazakhstan. The main threat to global instability is raising unemployment.


 " Roadmap” Routes". Effectiveness of the government programs and initiatives there," the newspaper "Liter" from 13.12.2013

Pension should be signified.

One of the main goals of any state is to ensure the welfare and health of its citizens. All social policies that are designed to carry out the state structures are built on the same basic principle. But today, in this article we will focus on the system, which is one of the most important sectors of the economy of the state and at the same time realizes the basic constitutional guarantee - material support of pensioners.


"Retirement should be worthy," the newspaper "The New Generation" from 06.12.2013

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On June 21, 2013 the Law "On Pension Provision in the Republic of Kazakhstan" was adopted, providing, among other reforms, the establishment of a retirement savings fund (ENPF).On July 31, 2013 Government Resolution № 747 "On the establishment of a single pension fund" as a non-profit organization in the form of a joint stock company on the basis of JSC "GNPF" was accepted. Founder and shareholder of the fund is the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. What would it give the country and every citizen separately?


"Modernization involves reliability," the newspaper "Kazakhstan Today" from 05.12.2013 

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Pension provision - a matter of national importance

Pension provision occupies an important place in the economic and social policy of any state. And today, the pension system, in force since the last century, most countries have reached their maturity. This means that the majority of workers is covered by pension plans and are eligible for a full pension.


Comparative analysis of pension systems in western countries.


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