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In Kazakhstan, the development of 480 new professional standards in 16 popular areas of the economy began.

Changed on 8 February, 2019 - 15:32

Within the framework of the project of the Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of Republic of Kazakhstan "Development of labor skills and stimulation of jobs" a new professional standard in the field of tourism has been developed, which describes four existing professions in the market.

Changed on 8 February, 2019 - 15:08

New professional standards in dentistry, pharmacy and clinical psychology have been developed by healthcare industry experts.

Changed on 8 February, 2019 - 15:06

New professions, job cuts due to new technologies and displacement of routine work. These are the main topics that were raised by almost all the speakers of the last forum: "The future of the labor market: new opportunities".

Changed on 8 February, 2019 - 14:53

For Kazakhstan pensioners who have worked for 33 years or more, the basic pension will increase by 2 times compared to 2017.

State-reformed measures of social support for Kazakhstanis are showing increasing effectiveness every year. One of the most successful examples of recent times is the "Orleu" project implemented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.

Civilization of society is determined by the attitude towards people with disabilities. If they are not closed in four walls, if you meet them more often on the street, on public transport, on a city holiday or in a theater, then we have become more open, closer to each other, and barriers, at least, visible, have become between us less.

In January-February 2017 from the Republican budget for the payment of basic pension was sent to KZT 53.4 billion, and pension payments – to KZT 192.2 billion, the press service of the MLSP RK.

On March 1 of this year the number of recipients of basic pension payments amounted to 2 million 29.5 thousand people, solidarity pension payments - 2 million 81 thousand.

In January-February 2017 from the Republican budget for the payment of state social benefits aimed KZT 42,1 billion, the state special benefits on list № 1 and № 2 KZT 0.9 billion.

Currently, the number of recipients of state social allowances on disability is 505,3 thousand people, according to survivor – 171,5 thousand people, by age – 3,3 thousand people.

In Mangystau region on the fight against unemployment the budget will allocate KZT 2.2 billion. Active employment promotion measures, it is planned to cover more than 5,6 thousand people, the correspondent of INA "Kazinform". As you know, from January 1, 2017 in Kazakhstan, the program on the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship, which provides mass training and skills in occupations in demand, as well as entrepreneurship training, loans, employment assistance and support for labor mobility.


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