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According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “About national registers of identification numbers”, individual identification numbers – IIN are introduced from 1 January 2013. Each citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall have IIN. IIN is applied for all operations of individuals such as:

-          registration of acts of a civil status;

-          issue of identification documents;

-          state registration of movable and immovable property;

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Parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan to live up to the OSCE standards

WASHINGTON, DC. August 15. KAZINFORM. On May 16 President Nursultan Nazarbayev announced major Constitutional reforms aimed to strengthen the role of Parliament, and fresh parliamentary elections. In his statement, he reiterated the basic philosophy which has underpinned the development of the country’s fledgling democracy, namely “the economy first, then politics”.

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Friday, 27 October 2006
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New ILO study says youth unemployment rising,

With hundreds of millions more working but living in poverty


GENEVA (ILO News) – The number of unemployed youth aged 15 to 24 rose over the past decade, while hundreds of millions more are working but living in poverty, according to a new report by the International Labour Office (ILO).

Thursday, 1 June 2006

95 th International Labour Conference
New ILO Analysis sees growing uncertainty, accelerated change
in the world of work

GENEVA (ILO News) – In a new analysis designed to stimulate debate on emerging trends and challenges in the world of work, the International Labour Office (ILO) says today’s labour market is marked by a widening gap between unprecedented opportunity for some and growing uncertainty for many.


Alliance of Muslims of Kazakhstan (AMK) and Muslim Committee on Human Rights in Central Asia called Gulzhan Karagussova – Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Population as the Best Kazakhstan Minister of 2005.

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GENEVA (ILO news) – The number of people unemployed worldwide climbed to new heights in 2005, as robust economic growth failed to offset an increase in people seeking work – especially among the vast and growing legion of jobless youth, the International Labour Office (ILO) said in its annual Global Employment Trends 1 / released today.



The changes in Labour Market, in the sphere of industry and consumption lead to the rise of new professions and specialties. With the exceeding rates of the economic, social and technological development skills and knowledge become rapidly obsolete. Hence, one of the main national aims in the sphere of Human Development is conducting of the Active Policy of Persons Employment in the realization of which the great role is given to the factor of population promotion in obtaining new professions, raising the level of skills and retraining.

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Globalization failing to create new, quality jobs or reduce poverty  
ILO report sees wide gaps in wages, productivity gains


GENEVA (ILO News) – Global economic growth is increasingly failing to translate into new and better jobs that lead to a reduction in poverty, according to a new report issued by the International Labour Office (ILO) here today. In the report, the ILO points out that within this global trend, different regions show mixed results in terms of job creation, productivity results, wage improvements and poverty reduction.

Words of never-ending appreciation to the first leader of Kazakhstan





ASTANA. July 7. KAZINFORM. Yesterday in the Kazakhstanskaya Pravda newspaper a chapter from the book ``Perviy`` (``the first``) by Makhmud Kasymbekov, chief of the Presidential Office was published. Kazinform offers an extract from the book.

Tuesday 7 June 2005
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GENEVA (ILO News) –The International Labour Conference of the ILO elected new members of the Governing Body on 6 June */.


Achievements over the years of independence of RK
Targeted social assistance
Combating the worst forms of child labor
Information campaign «Safe work»
Best social projects implemented in Kazakhstan
The Republican contest «Enbekzholy»
Skills and jobs