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B. Nurymbetov puzzled Deputy akims of regions on the issues of the provision of social assistance to citizens


During the meeting of the collegium of the Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of RK (hereinafter – MLSPP RK) on the issues of implementation of the Address of the President of Kazakhstan Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev to the people of Kazakhstan "Constructive public dialogue – the foundation of stability and prosperity of Kazakhstan," the head of the department Birzhan Nurymbetov in the video conference set a number of specific tasks before the deputy akims of regions and cities of republican importance on the issues of the appointment of addressed social assistance (hereinafter – ASA) and providing children from low-income families with a guaranteed social package from 2020.

"Today, addressed social assistance is assigned to about 403 thousand families or more than 2 million people, including 62.5% of children. Huge amounts of budget funds are being developed in the regions. This year, 204 billion tenge is provided for the payment of ASA in the country. In this regard, the issues of transparency and addressing of assistance to needy families require special attention," the Minister said.

Birzhan Nurymbetov stressed that as a result of monitoring the correctness of the appointment and payment of ASA it was revealed that more than 72 thousand recipients of addressed social assistance provided false information about income.

The Minister also noted that social assistance should be provided to those who need it.

"Insufficient attention is paid to the issue of employment of able-bodied recipients of ASA. So, at the current date, out of 523 thousand able-bodied persons, 111.3 thousand people fall under active employment measures, of which only 13.1 thousand are involved in employment measures in the presence of about 47 thousand vacancies, only 44 thousand people are employed.  Social contracts were signed with 88.7 thousand people. Thus, we see that at places there is a predominance of cash assistance instead of providing measures for retraining and employment. In his Address, the Head of state set the task to adjust the mechanism of granting ASA to ensure its transparency, fairness and motivation to work. The Ministry is working on this, but you should not stay away, given the current situation on the ASA, I ask you to make specific proposals within two days, " Nurymbetov said.

He also said that since 2020, a single guaranteed social package for children from low-income families will be defined, which will include regular assistance to children of preschool age, free hot meals for schoolchildren, providing them with educational supplies and uniforms, providing free travel, as well as medical care.

"The funding amount for the program "Universal Education" at places does not exceed 1% of the budget for the current maintenance of schools. These funds are insufficient. Today, more than 1 million children, including about 620 thousand schoolchildren, are recipients of ASA. It is necessary now to pay attention to these issues, at places it is necessary to consider the possibility of the budget to bring the amount of funding amount for "Universal Education" over 2%", – the Minister said.

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