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Entrepreneurship in rural areas: distance is not an obstacle for business


State program "Enbek" will help the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas

An ordinary villager, exemplary family man and entrepreneur Sergey Litke every day for months overcome 40 km to attend classes teaching the basics of business.

Short-term courses in terms of the program "Enbek" became a useful school for the man, where he was able not only to get the necessary skills for business development, but also to strengthen confidence in his business.

Sergey lives in Zaporozhye village of Zhaksy district of Akmola region. There he grows vegetables in his garden, which are then bought up by neighbors throughout the village. The businessman registered SP two years ago, and this year decided to expand and already completes a greenhouse.

– I applied to the akimat myself. I wondered what kind of help for the development of my business I can obtain. And already there they told me about the project "Bastau Business" and explained how it is possible to take part in it, – the villager tells.

After training, Sergei does not stop on achieved result. He took part in the competition for a grant with a certificate in his hands, and with the money he earned he bought a long-burning boiler, without which fully work of the greenhouse is impossible

- I went to study for myself. I already had an idea of how and what to do, but there are peculiarities everywhere. In business - especially, - Sergey notes.

The main goal of "Bastau Business" is to increase the economic activity of the rural population. This will be achieved by attracting villagers to entrepreneurship. The experience of Sergei Litke argues that the remoteness from big cities can't cause a passive lifestyle.

- They say: "I live badly. I have a phone without buttons, a car without a roof, I eat cheese with mold". And I here live well, I have a phone with buttons - the businessman jokes to himself, telling about life in the village, – Here I will finish a greenhouse, there will be also vegetables in the winter.

Now the businessman has the opportunity to get a loan with an interest rate of not more than 6% in the amount of up to 8 000 MCI and for up to 5 years. This service is valid only for entrepreneurs. Sergey received this privilege, having finished courses "Bastau Business", and at desire to increase his crop, at any time he will be able to use opportunity, for example, for purchase of the additional equipment.

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