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More opportunities for new entrepreneurs

Last year, 14 thousand Kazakhstan citizens were able to receive funds for the start of entrepreneurial activity in terms of the State program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017-2021 "Enbek". It is noteworthy that about 10 thousand of them had not been involved in labor activity before.

A significant advantage of the use of microloan is the increase in the number of new jobs. Thanks to the financing and opening of enterprises, more than 12 thousand unemployed people got jobs.

Tatyana Ivakina, a resident of the village Michurino, Pavlodar district, Pavlodar region participated in the project "Business Bastau" and passed a special training course in 2018.

In the same year she received a microloan for 6 million tenge for the purchase of equipment. Thus, a private enterprise "Green farm"was created. Now Tatiana is engaged in the production of crop products with hydroponic method.

In Kazakhstan, the production of plants using hydroponics is developed in insufficient measure. Tatiana wants not only to produce products that are useful for human health, but also to contribute to the development of innovative branch of agriculture.

The equipment used for growing plants and creating organic products was specially ordered from Russia.

"Our products are very useful for the body. Greens, smoothies and natural products, such as sprouted wheat, help to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat rightly. They can contribute to the improvement of health, even in the presence of diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, cancer," Tatiana Ivakina explained.

Gulnar Onerhan lives in Sharbakty village of Shcherbakty district, Pavlodar region. In 2017, in terms of the project "Bastau Business", she learned the basics of entrepreneurship. Wishing to create the enterprise, the participant of the program appealed to the state and received the preferential microloan in the amount of 3 million tenge.

Today Gulnar has a small sewing workshop "Akzhol" on sewing national products. According to the businesswoman, Kazakhstan citizens show great interest in such textile things. Buyers from Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Kyzylorda bought bags, clutch bags, skull-caps, backpacks with pleasure. In addition, such a product attracts not only with the national identity, but also a democratic price.

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