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Information on the State program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017 – 2021 "Enbek"

To date, the State program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017 – 2021 "Enbek" (hereinafter − the Program) is being implemented.

On July 1, 2019, 280.8 thousand people became participants of the Program, among them 151.3 thousand are unemployed people (54%) , including 80.7 unemployed villagers and self-employed40 thousand people (14%), among which 23.8 thousand rural residents.

Among the participants of the Program, the largest share of unemployed is in Atyrau – 82% (8.1 thousand people), Mangistau – 81% (16.7 thousand people) regions and in Nur-Sultan – 75% (3.7 thousand people).

From the total number of participants in the Program, the share of self-employed is higher in Shymkent – 50% (5.8 thousand people), Turkestan – 24% (10.4 thousand people), Akmola – 21% (2.2 thousand people) regions.

197,8 thousand people (112 thousand unemployed, 16,2 thousand self-employed) were employed, 120,5 thousand of them or 61% for permanent job.

The Program is implemented in the following directions:

In 2019, in terms of the first direction for providing the needs of regional labor markets, training of 121 thousand people will be organized, among them: 21 thousand people are unemployed youth, including school graduates who have not enrolled in educational institutions. Their training began from September 1 and is carried out free of charge on the basis of TaVE with the payment of scholarships and the provision of one-time hot meals, and for non-residents material assistance for travel and accommodation is provided; - the remaining 100 thousand are unemployed and self-employed, who are sent to obtain skills for short-term courses.

On July 1, 21.6 thousand people (14.7 thousand unemployed, 6.9 thousand self-employed) were sent to short-term courses, in which 3.0 thousand people completed training.

In the second direction, this year micro-loans are planned to cover more than 19 thousand people, including 16.7 thousand in cities, 2.3 thousand in villages.

For 6 months of the year 3 818 microloans has issued (0.7 thousand unemployed, 3.1 thousand self-employed), in which in villages – 3 218 or 19.3% of the annual plan, in cities 600 or 25.7%.

From the number of microloans 2 130 microloans (55.8 %) is to support Start-up projects, 286 microloans (7.5%) -  to the development of the anchor societies, 1 402 microloans (36.7%) - to expand their own business.

In addition, 3,815 new jobs have been created in villages by recipients of micro-loans.

Training to the basics of entrepreneurship in terms of the project "Bastau Business" covered 15.0 thousand people or 100% of the approved plan without specification (the plan – 75 thousand people with additional fixation), including 9.1 thousand defended their business projects, 490 people of them received microloans and 1072 people received grants for the implementation of new business ideas.

This year it is planned to issue more than 13.6 thousand free grants. At the reporting date, 2 334 grants were issued (403 unemployed, 2.2 thousand self-employed).

In addition, 12.0 billion tenge was allocated for the expansion of grant recipients to cover 23.8 thousand people from among large, low-income families, youth and people with disabilities.

In the third direction, 87 thousand people were employed in subsidized jobs, among them 17 thousand people - on social jobs, 15 thousand people - on youth practice, 55 thousand people - on public works.

For increasing mobility of labor resources 1 056 families, including 3 707 people were resettled (plan is 2 253 families, 9 614 people). 1 190 people or 63% of able-bodied participants (1 879 people) were employed. In addition, 54 people are engaged in entrepreneurial activities and 23 people are enrolled in training at the new place of residence.

1,394 persons are unemployed and 485 persons are self-employed among the resettled persons.

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