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Bringing education reforms to their logical conclusion

Bringing education reforms to their logical conclusion

Firstly, the work on qualification improvement of teachers at all levels of education on the updated content will continue. In the next three years, the courses will cover 244 thousand teachers of schools, colleges and higher educational institutions.

Secondly, as soon as the staff and the schools themselves are ready, a gradual transition to teaching subjects of the natural science cycle (biology, informatics, physics, chemistry) in English in high school will be carried out.

For this purpose, in order to improve the quality of training in English of subject teachers of the natural science cycle from 2020, the funds provided for the passage of language courses of teachers will be redirected to higher educational institutions.

Since 2020, about 1,000 graduates from higher educational institutions trained in English will arrive at schools.

Thirdly, given the demographic growth and urbanization processes, the work on the expansion of the school network will continue.

From 2020, a new methodic of financing the construction and conducting complete overhaul of schools will be introduced. According to the new methodic, the amount of funding will be determined depending on the enrolment of students.

The determination of schools construction place will be in the competency of the local executive bodies. At the same time, the decision on the construction site will be taken considering the internal needs of the region.

Fourthly, the material and technical base of 20 higher educational institutions and 180 colleges will be modernized.

For this purpose, together with the Ministry of labor and social protection of the population, 100 priority professions will be identified, on the basis of which a list of necessary equipment for equipping  higher educational institutions and colleges will be designated.

Also, in terms of the program, it is planned a qualification improvement of teachers of colleges and masters of industrial training. Foreign specialists will be involved in the educational process.

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