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Provision of housing for low-income families with many children

Provision of housing for low-income families with many children

Firstly, on behalf of the Head of State, more than 40 thousand rental apartments will be built in terms of the program "Nurly Zher" until 2025, mainly for low-income families with many children.

This will make it possible to solve fully the issue of provision of housing for 28,000 low-income families with many children who are officially on the queue for housing.

For these purposes, in the next 7 years it is planned to allocate additional 50 billion tenge annually. The total amount of financing will be 350 billion tenge.

Already in July 2019, the issuance of rental housing for large families will begin.

In order to accelerate the issuance of apartments in the first half of the year, along with the construction, the issue of purchasing ready apartments in the new housing market is being considered.

For example:

Under the condition of co-financing from the local budget of at least 10%, it is planned to allocate 8.4 million tenge per apartment with an area of at least 60 square meters (4-3 comfort class).

If the parameters of the apartment are exceeded, co-financing from the local budget is offered.

At present, the work on budget applications, selection and coordination of existing projects in the regions is in progress. To begin with, the funds will be distributed by pools, according to the needs of the regions.

To implement these measures, amendments to the Law "On housing relations" and the State program "Nurly Zher" will be made.

Secondly, as an additional measure to provide housing for large families who want to own affordable housing, the issue of introducing preferential loans through Zhilstroisberbank at 2% per annum for up to 20 years is being worked out.

This mechanism will be offered to low-income families with incomes below the minimum wage (42.5 thousand tenge).

Such a loan will be provided:

1. large families with 4 or more children;

2. families having or caring for children with disabilities;

3. single-parent families with minor children.

For these purposes, within 3 years, 50 billion tenge will be allocated annually from the republican budget,totally for the implementation of this mechanism will be required 150 billion tenge.

As a result, about 33 thousand low-income families will be able to receive preferential loans.

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