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Thesis of the Minister's Speech at the Government Meeting on July 2, 2019

Dear Askar Uzakbaiuly!

Dear colleagues!

Ensuring a decent standard of living for citizens is the main task of the Government activity.

Let me report on measures to improve the welfare and productive employment of Kazakhstan citizens in accordance with the tasks set by the President.

As you know, since the beginning of 2019 the minimum wage has been increased by 1.5 times – from 28 to 42.5 thousand tenge. This directly affected about 1.3 million people, including 275,000 civil servants.

Also, the wages of low-paid employees of private companies have been increased. Since the beginning of the year, about 200 thousand employers have confirmed an increase in wages of more than 1.1 million employees by an average of 31%.

From June 1 the wages of individual employees of the public sector was increased to 30%.

144.3 billion tenge is provided for these purposes in 2019. In addition, 12.3 billion tenge will be allocated.

Measures to promote employment of unemployed and self-employed citizens are implemented in terms of the State program "Enbek".

For the first half of 2019, 330,7 thousand citizens applied to the bodies of employment issues, 258 thousand people, in which 95 thousand young people, were covered by the measures of the Program,.

124 billion tenge was allocated for the implementation of the Program this year.

This year, 28.3 thousand people were planned to be covered by microloans and gratuitous state grants. Today 5 thousand microloans and grants are given.

Today, on behalf of the Head of state, 32 billion tenge is allocated for microloans and grants to cover more than 28 thousand citizens. 70% of the allocated funds will be directed to support of rural areas.

Measures to train Program participants, including young people, have also been strengthened.

Short-term training in popular professions covered 20.5 thousand people, including 35% (7.2 thousand) of young people.

Plan of training to entrepreneurship skills on the project "Bastau Business" was approved to 35 thousand people,14,1 thousand people were trained, in which there are 27% (3.8 thousand) young children.

Taking into account the additional  allocated funds, the indicators of coverage by training will increase more than twice - an additional 16.8 billion tenge is allocated to cover about 100 thousand people. About 70% of the funds will be allocated to support young people.

Besides, 381 million tenge will be allocated for ensuring the activities of mobile employment centers, as well as  3 billion tenge will be for purchase of housing for 428 migrants in North Kazakhstan region.

Please support the proposed additions in terms of the Program.

The main focus of the Program is employment for permanent jobs.

The accuracy of the data on employment is confirmed by information from database on pension contributions.

To support low-income families, new mechanisms of addressed social assistance have been introduced since April this year. To date, the ASA was paid to 285.7 thousand families (in 2018 – to 109.2 thousand families). 124.3 billion tenge was allocated for these purposes, 78 billion tenge was paid for six months.

The number of recipients is 1.4 million people,

(in 2018 - 571.5 thousand people), including about 900 thousand children (in 2018 – 363.2 thousand children). The average size of ASA per family is 105 thousand tenge.

The task of ensuring mandatory detention and the unconditional fulfillment of social contracts with the able-bodied recipients of ASA was put before MPR.

I would like to note that the reduction in the number of low-income and in need of social assistance also depends on:

• absence of arrears of wages;

• formalization of labor activity;

• creation of favourable and safe labor conditions.

In this regard, the following measures are proposed:

• ensuring strict compliance with the procedure for the appointment and return of illegally paid amounts of ASA;

• ensuring employment of able-bodied recipients of ASA and formalization of labor activity;

• strengthening the work to identify hidden income (fraudulent manifestations), monitoring the activities of IE;

• monitoring of wage arrears and labor conditions;

• ensuring the relevance and reliability of IS data;

• strengthening of work on collecting of the alimony.

Thank you for your attention!

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