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The Ministry of labor and "Kazzinc" have agreed about support of large families

The Ministry of labor and "Kazzinc"

Kazakhstan continues large-scale work to support large and low-income families. On July 5, the Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of Kazakhstan, the largest mining and metallurgical company of East Kazakhstan region and the trade Union of workers of “Kazzinc” LLP signed a tripartite Memorandum on mutual cooperation. The document specifies a significant list of measures aimed at supporting families with four or more children.

Within the framework of the document, “Kazzinc” LLP undertakes to introduce additional social benefits for large employees.

First of all, the company will provide targeted assistance to individual employees to make a down payment for the purchase of housing under state programs. Financial support is provided by the beginning of the school year – "Kazzinc" will allocate funds for the collection of each child from large families to school. Also among the advantages are additional days off during the holidays and payments for the New year and Nauryz. The trade union, for its part, undertakes to provide such families with preferential vouchers to recreation centers and children's camps.

Berdibek Saparbayev noted that the problems of socially vulnerable segments of the population, especially the provision of housing for large and low-income families, orphans, require joint actions of the state and business.

On behalf of the President and the President, work is being carried out in cooperation with the business community and large enterprises to implement social projects. This year, 1419 large families are provided with housing, 491 of them at the expense of sponsors and entrepreneurs," the Minister said.

It is worth noting that the Memorandum is a new direction of social work and included in the overall policy of "Kazzinc".

- We always adhere to the position: to create good conditions for the lives of employees and their families, - said General Director Alexander Khmelev.  The Kazzinc workers and their loved ones in all cities of presence of the company's divisions have considerable social benefits package. Members of the trade Union also receive additional benefits. The company is very sensitive to the current needs of society, we always try to solve the urgent problems of employees.

During the event, 5 large staff of “Kazzinc” was awarded the certificates for the initial contributions for the purchase of housing under state programs. 

In “Kazzinc” LLP special attention is paid to female employees raising two or more children. They have the right to expect additional days off, and mothers of children up to one and a half years receive monthly payments from the company. In addition, there is a significant package of other benefits and special conditions for parents. The document specifies a significant list of measures aimed at supporting families with four or more children.

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