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On measures taken by the Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan on anti-corruption

The Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter-the Ministry) is constantly working on the prevention of corruption offenses. Control over the implementation of anti-corruption action plans is carried out, monitoring of the correctness of the preparation and execution of the budget, quality control of services, preventive and information and explanatory work in the media is provided.

Transparency and openness in the functioning of the website of the Ministry was ensured by timely posting of publications, press releases, news, reports, responses to the appeals of physical entities coming to the blog of the Ministry.

State procurement is carried out in accordance with the approved plan, state procurement contracts are certified by electronic digital signature through the web portal of state procurement.

In order to identify and establish the causes that contribute to the commission of corruption offenses, the Committee of labor, social protection and migration of the Ministry (hereinafter – the Committee) conducts an internal analysis of corruption risks in accordance with the Standard rules of internal analysis of corruption risks approved by the order of the Chairman of the Agency of RK for civil service affairs and anti-corruption dated 19.10.2016, as well as practical recommendations for their implementation.

According to the approved provisions of the territorial departments of the Committee, one of their main tasks is the implementation of the state policy in the field of pension insurance, social protection of persons with disabilities, compulsory social insurance, special social services within the powers, the appointment of pensions and benefits, medical and social expertise, establishment of disability and degree of disability with the definition of their causes, terms, time of occurrence.

Internal analysis of corruption risks is conducted in the following areas:

- on issue of provision of state services;

- on consideration of appeals from individuals and legal entities;

- on work carried-out among employees on clarification of norms and requirements of the regulatory legal acts applied in activity of Committee and its territorial departments;

- on issue of personnel management.

The provision of composite services to persons recognized as disabled persons of working age for the first time has been fully introduced: a disabled person at the initial examination in the department of medical and social expertise can submit documents for the appointment of social benefits and payments.

On a regular basis, during the examination in the departments of medical and social expertise of territorial departments, a survey of persons with disabilities is conducted. During the questionnaire, persons who come to the reception are given the opportunity to give an individual assessment of both the quality of services provided and the behavior of specialists of medical and social expertise. Questionnaires are spread out in waiting areas in an accessible place for service recipients. The results of the questionnaire are reviewed weekly by the Deputy head for medical and social expertise.

In order to prevent corruption situations in all departments of pension and social insurance, medical and social expertise, video surveillance system is installed in the halls.

Automation of state services provided in the social sphere (assignment of disability, pensions, benefits) is an effective measure in the framework of anti-corruption activities carried out by the Ministry.

According to the Register of state services, 38 state services are currently provided in the social and labor sphere, 18 of them are provided at the central level, 20 – by local executive bodies of the cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent, districts and cities of regional importance.

Within the work on optimization and automation, according to the results of the consideration of the IDC on the selection of state services to be provided through the State Corporation "Government for citizens", the Deputy Prime Minister of RK has now approved 13 Road maps for 23 services.

This year, within the framework of digitalization of the social and labor sphere and optimization of state services, the Ministry is carrying out a pilot project for the provision of state services "Establishment of disability, degree of disability and determination of the need for social protection measures" in electronic format in 7 regions - Akmola, West Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Kostanay regions, Nur-Sultan, Almaty.

In the framework of the pilot project, along with the face-to-face examination, a parallel correspondence examination of the service recipient is carried out, without his personal presence, on the basis of medical documents received in electronic format, through the integration of information systems. The correspondence examination is carried out on the basis of impersonal data, independent experts of medical and social expertise from other regions. According to the results of the pilot in the future provides for the exclusion of treatment of the service recipient in the department of medical and social expertise. Excluding direct contact with the service provider, corruption risks are accordingly excluded.

In order to cooperate in the implementation of measures to anti-corruption and its prevent, to contribute to the development of an optimal and effective system of interaction and partnership, mobilization of available resources and mechanisms, the Committee on February 22, 2018 with the republican public association "First anti-corruption media center" signed a Memorandum of mutual cooperation.

In addition, in order to establish a system of recommendations aimed at preventing corruption and avoiding corruption, improving legal literacy and zero tolerance for corruption in the areas of competence of the central office, department and territorial departments of the Ministry, an anti-corruption standard approved by the Protocol of the executive secretary dated November 1, 2018 № 10 is in force.

During the implementation of the above-mentioned measures by the Ministry aimed at preventing corruption and eliminating the causes contributing to it, no corruption offenses were revealed in 2018. Relatively in 2017, 4 employees of the territorial divisions of the Ministry Committee (Ospanov M.E. (Karaganda region), Eraliev D. (Kyzylorda region), Aralbekov O.D. (South Kazakhstan region), Kemperov O.E. (Almaty region) were sentenced by the court.

On April 24, 2019 at a conference call with the participation of heads of territorial departments of the Committee of The Ministry, the results of the work of territorial departments for 2018 and tasks for 2019, as well as measures taken to anti-corruption were heard. Within the framework of this meeting, Deputy head of the Department of the Agency of RK for civil service affairs and anti-corruption in Nur-Sultan Kim Yu spoke on the topic "On measures taken to anti-corruption in the state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan".    

In addition, in February 2019, the competent employees of the Agency of RK for civil service affairs and anti-corruption conducted an external analysis of corruption risks in the activities of the Ministry, subordinate organizations and territorial divisions of the Committee.

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