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Theses of the Minister of labor and social protection of population of RK Saparbayev B. M. at the meeting of the Government 09.04.2019

Dear Askar Uzakpaevich!

Dear colleagues!

As You know, implementation of the new social measures of Elbasy "Aleumettik kamkorlyk" was actively launched.

The legislation has been amended accordingly.

Since April 1, documents for the appointment of address social assistance are widely accepted. More than 42 thousand applications were accepted (about 147 thousand people).

Visits to 7 regions of the country and districts of Nur-Sultan were carried out for the purpose of carrying out information and explanatory work on social initiatives of Elbasy headed by the Deputy Prime Minister G. N. Abdykalikova. This allowed the population to learn firsthand all the innovations from the heads of ministries and departments.

During the visits, meetings were held with the population, citizens were received, PSCs, Employment centers, low-income families were visited. In addition, we have launched a hotline on the basis of the Call-center "111" to obtain reference information on address social assistance.

At meetings with the population, the most frequently issues of housing, employment, assistance in organizing their own business, providing persons with disabilities with technical means, etc. were raised

According to akimats, the number of large families in the country is 340.4 thousand.

The budget provides the necessary funds for the construction of rental housing and the issuance of preferential loans, as well as assistance to socially vulnerable categories of citizens.

I believe that housing under construction at the expense of the budget will have a positive impact on reducing the number of waiting lists from low-income and large families.

In 2019, 83 billion KZT will be allocated from the state budget for the provision of social assistance to 821 thousand people. In the 1st quarter of this year, 9.3 billion KZT has already been paid and 282 thousand people received assistance.

In addition, 373 thousand new jobs will be created in 2019, 31.9 thousand have already been created by the end of the 1st quarter of 2019.

However, do not rely only on the state. It is necessary to search for new approaches and proven practice effective ways.  

Both regional akims and the first heads of enterprises, individual citizens, for whom social responsibility is not just a trend, but the basis of one of the basic conditions for sustainable development of the country should have their say.

We should consider the business community not only as a partner in the economy, but also in the social sphere.

It is important to develop on a new basis the work on social responsibility of business, which were clearly identified by the First President - Elbasy at the forums in Zhezkazgan and Rudnyi a few years ago, in his Decree on the competition "Paryz".

Our task is to convey to entrepreneurs across the country that corporate social responsibility is perceived in Kazakhstan society as an effective activity that increases the business reputation and capitalization of the company. This is essentially a voluntary contribution of business to the development of their country, social, economic and environmental spheres.

We have many examples of social responsibility and charity, which are based on such important human qualities as kindness, mercy and patriotism. Many national companies and large investors, businessmen and individuals, who allocate funds for projects in education, health care, sports and culture, provide real support to socially vulnerable segments of the population.

Such actions as "Tugan zherge tagzym", "Bakytty bala", "Anaga tagzym", "Auyl - el besigi", housing construction for specialists and low-income citizens using traditional construction – "asar" were held everywhere.

Today I appeal to the entire business community of the country to show compassion and mercy to low-income and large families, and in accordance with their capabilities, to provide them with a reliable roof. It is time to understand that personal prosperity depends largely on the well-being of the people around them.   

As for the issue of provision of housing, as You know, 500 billion KZT will be allocated from the republican budget until 2025 to provide 58,000 families with housing through the provision of rental housing and preferential loans of zhilstroisberbank.

At the same time, in providing social assistance to the population in a number of regions, good social initiatives of businesses and individuals are being implemented.

In the 1st quarter of 2019, social assistance was provided to low-income and large families in the amount of 3 billion KZT at the expense of patrons, sponsors and individuals, nearly 5,000 jobs were created, 1.4 thousand people from low-income and large families were employed. 268 families have been provided with housing.   

Entrepreneurs take an active part in the promotion of business projects aimed at social adaptation of people from low-income and large families.

In Mangystau region, a social project "Business in three days" is being implemented, which contributes to the opening of mini-production at home. Currently, the project provided assistance to 70 families in opening a small business in Zhanaozen, involved in the employment of more than 140 people.  It is planned to cover about five thousand people or 2 thousand large and low-income families by the end of the year.

In Aktobe region on the project "Mother – entrepreneur" mothers with many children at the expense of sponsorship funds are taught the basics of business, the development of business plans with grants. In the first quarter of 2019, 25 women were assisted in the implementation of their own business projects, such as training, preparation of business plans, provision of grants.

An electronic portal "Meyirim" was launched in Shymkent, which is aimed at organizing social assistance to low-income families through an electronic portal. Currently, 500 families are registered in the database, including 147 large families. Already in the 1st quarter of 2019, within the framework of this Project, one house for a large family was provided and 173 families were given cash assistance in the amount of 12 million KZT.

Individual entrepreneurs undertake obligations for employment of low-income unemployed citizens.

In Kostanay region, the head of "Zhas-Kanat-2006" LLP expressed readiness to provide jobs to large families annually.

In this regard, dear Askar Uzakpaevich, I believe that all these projects can be implemented in other regions.

There are also good examples in the regions in solving the problems of housing for low-income and large families.

Thus, in Kyzylorda region, a social project "Balameken" is implemented which focuses on the construction of private houses at the expense of means of Fund of "Bulat Utemuratov". In 2019, 100 apartments will be built. Of these, 11 families were provided with housing in the 1st quarter of this year. It is planned to allocate 450 million KZT for these purposes.

In Karaganda region - within the framework of the project "Housing construction at the expense of sponsors" 70 individual houses will be built, 10 of them were issued in the 1st quarter of 2019.

The example of Pavlodar region is indicative. Already this year, all employees with many children of enterprises of the region, who do not have housing, will be provided at the expense of companies. Also, at the expense of patrons, sponsors 77 families will become owners of their own homes.

In Mangystau region, “Ozenmunaigas” JSC plans to purchase 500 apartments for low-income and large families.

In Aktobe region - under the project "Housing construction at the expense of sponsors" by the end of 2021, 330 individual houses will be built, of which in 2019 – 110.  Already in the 1st quarter of this year 19 apartments were issued.

At the same time, a new mechanism for providing housing by sponsors by financing an initial contribution of at least 10% through "Kolganat Aktobe" SF was introduced in the region.

In Nur-Sultan 200 low-income and large families will receive housing, 50 of them – until the end of this year. In addition, the akimat will issue housing certificates to 2 thousand people for a total of 2 billion KZT.

In general, for the period of 2019-2021 at the expense of patrons, sponsors and private investors 1 772 families, including in 2019 – 750 will be provided.

In this regard, dear Askar Uzakpaevich, I believe that akims of the regions can implement this experience in their places.

I would also like to note that 1 178 large and medium enterprises employ 23.3 thousand people from among parents with many children.  Of these, about 15 thousand do not have their own houses.

I believe that this problem should be solved by joint efforts of state bodies and business structures.

In this regard, dear Askar Uzakpaevich, I ask You to instruct the Ministry of industry and infrastructure development, MLSPP, the National chamber of entrepreneurs "Atameken", the National management holding "Baiterek" together with akims of the regions to work with business structures on the issue:

- their subsidization of the initial contribution of 10% for the purchase of housing to their employees from among low-income and large families under the programs of "Zhilstroisberbank" JSC - "Bakytty otbasy", "Nurly Zher" and others (we have the list of enterprises); 

- acquisition of housing in property or in free use with the right of the subsequent redemption;

- assistance in the construction of individual housing on the land plots provided by local executive body (LEB), in carrying out repairs of dilapidated housing or provision of other housing;

- assistance in starting your own business.

In addition, in order to support large and low-income families, I suggest MLSPP, interested state bodies, "Atameken" NCE to hold a republican meeting on social responsibility of business with Your participation until the end of April this year.

Please support.

Thank you for your attention.

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