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Information on the results of activities of "Republican science research institute on labor protection of MLSPP of RK" RSE for 2018

1. Science research activities.

According to the provisions of the ratified Convention of the International Labor Organization № 187 "On the basis of promoting occupational safety and health", the conduct of scientific research should be a mandatory element of the national occupational safety system.

In this regard, the main activity of "Republican science research institute on labor protection of MLSPP of RK" RSE (hereinafter – the Institute) is the implementation of scientific research aimed at improving the efficiency of state regulation of occupational safety and health, improvement of labor legislation, prevention of industrial injuries and occupational diseases, promotion of national culture of safe work and preservation of labor resources.

In 2018, the first stage of research on the scientific and technical program was implemented on the theme: "Development of scientific and methodological bases for ensuring safe work in priority sectors of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan", the implementation period of which is 2018-2020.

Among the results of the 1st stage of work:

- analysis of the state regulation in the field of occupational health and safety in the Republic of Kazakhstan for compliance with innovative trends and international standards of occupational health and safety management;

- scientific and analytical review on regulation in the field of occupational health and safety and prospects of development taking into account international practice in ensuring safe work;

- assessment of the current state of the OHSMS at the enterprises of priority sectors of the economy of RK, depending on the types of economic activity and taking into account their size;

- developed an integrated OHSMS based on professional risk management, differentiated depending on the type of economic activity and size of the enterprise, including draft documents in the form of 4 guidelines for implementation.

The interim report on the science research work received a high score on the results of the State scientific and technical expertise.

Since November 2018, the 2nd stage of research has been started, which, according to the calendar plan, consists in testing and implementation of scientific developments at the enterprises of the republic. For this purpose, developed:

- the method that contains the stages and tasks for each stage of the implementation of OHSMS;

- training program to improve the skills of specialists in the field of safety and health and other employees involved in the implementation process. The modules of the program are defined and the thematic plan is made;  

- plan (program) of the process of implementation of OHSMS in the enterprise.

20 "pilot" enterprises for testing and implementation of OHSMS in 4 regions of RK have been previously identified. Work on the testing of scientific developments started in February 2019.

The results of scientific work will allow to form a complex of methodical documents of the national system of ensuring safe work on the basis of management of professional risks. The range of scientific issues considered by the Institute in the framework of the scientific and technical program has great importance on a national scale.

2. Promotion of scientific research results.

Promotion of scientific research results is one of the tasks of scientific activity. In 2018, the scientific staff of the Institute published 90 scientific articles in leading domestic and foreign scientific journals, as well as in industry journals.

Employees of the Institute made presentations at international scientific-practical conferences, including: 

- International forum "Health and safety – 2018", Moscow;

- 9th International Congress on occupational safety and health, Istanbul;

- All-Russian Week of occupational safety 2018, Sochi;

- International conference "Organization and regulation of labor: science, education, practice", Minsk;

- International scientific-practical conference "Chrysotile and security", Astana;

- International conference "Actual issues of occupational medicine in Kazakhstan "Chrysotile and Health", Karaganda;

- 8th Kazakhstan international conference and exhibition on occupational safety and industrial safety "KIOSH 2018", etc.

On a regular basis, the Institute participates in the organization and holding of the annual International Conference and Exhibition on occupational safety KIOSH, being the organizer of the exhibition pavilion of the Ministry of labor and its subordinate organizations and scientific session of the conference.

Through publications and participation in scientific events, the Institute implements the tasks of science, which are to highlight the best domestic experience and familiarization with innovations developed and implemented in other countries.

3. Legal universal education on the basics of labor legislation.

Since 2013, the Institute is actively involved in the organization and conduct of legal Universal education on labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, carried out in accordance with the order of the program article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Social modernization of Kazakhstan: twenty steps to the society of universal labor."

Training of employees and clarification of the main provisions of the Labor code and other regulatory legal acts regulating labor relations is carried out on the territory of enterprises (in shops, plots) with the maximum participation of employees.

During the operation of this program, the Institute covered more than 100 thousand employees of 4 thousand enterprises of the republic.

In 2018, 8 regional branches of the Institute took part in this program. Small business workers (retail trade, catering, construction and agriculture, etc.) of district centers and rural districts were covered by universal education.

In total, in 2018, the Institute conducted 872 courses within the framework of legal universal education, which were attended by 21 thousand students.

This training serves as an important preventive measure, designed to serve as a basis for improving the level of legal literacy and protection of workers in the field of labor relations, improving the quality of the implementation of labor rights of citizens, prevention of industrial injuries.

4. Qualification improvement in the field of health and safety.

Ensuring the safety of production and productive work of employees is closely related to the improvement of professional literacy and competence of personnel responsible for ensuring the safety and health of work. Without the active participation of competent managers and specialists can not do the functioning of any modern occupational safety management system.

Managers, Deputy heads of enterprises, chief engineers, specialists in safety, industrial safety, members of conciliation commissions, etc. are trained at the qualification improvement courses in the field of occupational safety and health, functioning at the Institute. More than 50 thousand specialists have been trained by us. Training courses are held by the head company in Astana and 12 regional branches of the Institute.

In 2018, a total of 4,762 students were trained in programs covering safety and health, electrical safety, industrial and fire safety at enterprises.

According to the results of training and knowledge testing, students were awarded certificates and/or certificates of established samples.

5. Certification of industrial facilities on working conditions.

One of the activities of the Institute is the certification of industrial facilities on working conditions and industrial control of working conditions.

Certification of industrial facilities on working conditions and industrial control are necessary elements of employers' activities to create safe working conditions, which have a clear focus on the prevention of industrial injuries and occupational diseases. 

To know the state of working conditions in the workplace means to be able to prevent a possible accident at work, as well as the emergence of occupational diseases in workers.

Since the moment of establishment of the Institute, the assessment covered more than 90 thousand jobs for 2 thousand enterprises.

In 2018, 9874 jobs were surveyed at 373 enterprises of the republic.

The results of jobs surveys are used in scientific research. Direct participation in the assessment of working conditions makes it possible to develop proposals for improving methods and processes for identifying and assessing harmful industrial factors, requirements for special organizations, analyzing the results and ways to use them for risk management in the jobs, as well as in insurance systems, the provision of benefits and compensation to employees.

As a result of effective science-based state measures, the dynamics of industrial injuries in Kazakhstan is reduced from year to year. The total number of casualties in 2018, according CLSPM amounted to 1424 accidents, 47 accidents less than in 2017. Frequency rate of accidents also fell from 0.29 to 0.25 (less for 110 people) and less for 24 people died in 2018 at industry than in the previous year.   

In connection with a fixed reduction in the number of victims in industry in recent years, there is a positive dynamics of reducing the loss of working person-days for reasons of a traumatism and occupational diseases (according to the Committee on statistics: 92 278 p/d in 2016 to 87817 in 2017).

Our research provides an opportunity to eliminate violations, improve working conditions, take effective measures to reduce injuries in the workplace through the use of developments, including methods of assessment and management of occupational risks in the workplace and occupational safety management system.

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