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Reissuance of WP

Is it possible the renewal of the work permit of a foreign employee for another company, if the employer took the decision on liquidation of the company? Or is it necessary to receive again?


Reissuance of the previously issued permit shall be carried out in case of reorganization of the employer-legal entity of the Republic of Kazakhstan or a branch (representative office) of a foreign legal entity in the form of merger, accession, division, separation or transformation, as well as in case of change of its name or details specified in the permit to hire foreign labor.

      The employer within ten working days from the date of reorganization shall submit an application to the local executive body for the reissuance of the permit, with copies of documents confirming the specified information.

      The local executive body within five working days from the date of application shall reissue the permit with the assignment of a new number.

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