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Obtaining a work permit

Our company is a company with 100% foreign authorized capital. The founder is a legal entity registered in London, UK.



In accordance with paragraph 16 of the List of persons whose employment does not require the permission of local executive bodies to hire foreign labor, approved by the Government of the RK dated December 15, 2016 № 802, foreigners and stateless persons working as the first heads of branches or representative offices of foreign legal entities, as well as the first heads of Kazakhstan legal entities and their deputies with one hundred percent foreign participation in their authorized capital are exempt from obtaining permission to hire foreign labor.

Thus, in Kazakhstan legal entities with one hundred percent foreign participation in their authorized capital hiring foreign workers without obtaining the corresponding permission is allowed only to positions of the first head of legal entity and his deputy.

In other cases, hiring a foreign employee is carried out in the manner prescribed by the Rules and conditions of issuance and (or) extension of permits to employers to hire foreign labor, as well as the implementation of internal corporate transfer, approved by order of the acting Minister of health care and social development of June 27, 2016 № 559.

The issuance of permits is carried out by the local executive bodies of the region, intended to hire a foreign employee.

Regarding confirmation of legal entity status with foreign participation, you should contact the Ministry of justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In case of disagreement with this answer in accordance with article 12 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the procedure for consideration of appeals of individuals and legal entities" You have the right to apply to a higher official or to the court.

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