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Work permits

could you help with the below situation:

"A" LLP had a legal and actual address in Almaty, work permits were issued in Almaty and visas were obtained on them, recently LLP changed its legal address from one city to another, that is, from Almaty to Astana, now the legal address of LLP in Astana:


is it necessary to renew working permits for Astana?

Work permits are not yet expired. 


in essence, the questions you have voiced, we inform the following.

In accordance with article 33 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On employment of the population", foreign labor is attracted by employers for employment in the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of permits to attract foreign labor, issued by the local executive body of the relevant administrative-territorial unit.

Thus, the local executive bodies in the territory of the relevant administrative-territorial unit issue and (or) extend permits or refuse to issue, extend permits to employers to attract foreign labor for employment within the quota allocated by the authorized body on issues of population employment, as well as suspend and refuse these permits.

At the same time, the permit issued by the local executive body for attracting foreign labor is not subject to transfer to other employers, is valid only in the territory of the relevant administrative-territorial unit, except for the direction of foreign workers by the employer, on which permits are obtained, on a business trip to enterprises, organizations located on the territory of other administrative-territorial units, for a period that does not exceed a total of ninety calendar days within one calendar year.

Based on the above, you need to obtain new permits to attract foreign labor in Astana.

In case of disagreement with this answer, You have the right to appeal it according to article 12 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 12, 2007 "On the procedure for consideration of appeals of individuals and legal entities".

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