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Is it possible the extension of the certificate of repatriate second time?

To extend the status of repatriate, ethnic Kazakhs who have received a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Kazakhstan submit an application to the local executive body or through a State Corporation for the extension of their previously assigned repatriate status. The application period shall not exceed six (6) months from the date of termination of the repatriate status previously assigned to them. Repatriate’s status shall be renewed once and shall not exceed three (3) months. Local executive body verifies the applicant's data via "Oralman" AIS database on the subject of the availability of information on the termination of the applicant of the status of repatriates and the receiving of citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The reasons for refusal to extend the status of repatriate is confirmation through "Oralman" AIS database of the applicant's citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the expiration of the application period. 

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