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Theses of Minister of LSPP B. M. Saparbayev at the Government meeting on February 28, 2019

Dear Askar Uzakpaevich, colleagues!

At the last congress of the "Nur Otan" party, the Head of state proposed state initiatives on a new procedure for providing targeted support to low-income and large families, which will have an effective impact on improving the welfare of the population.

First. Expansion of coverage and strengthening of measures to support low-income families, including large families.

Firstly, the criterion of providing targeted social assistance will be increased from 14 849 KZT to 20 789 KZT.  

Secondly, in the appointment of targeted social assistance state allowance will be excluded from the total family income for large families and mothers with many children, awarded pendants "Kumis alka" and "Altyn alka", as well as disability allowance for children and scholarships.

In addition, children from low - income families (up to 18 years, with their education-up to 23 years) will be paid monthly guaranteed assistance in the amount of 20 789 KZT.

This will increase the size of the existing assistance by 40% on average.

As a result, if earlier these measures covered 571 thousand people, now more than 830 thousand people.

In March, legislative amendments will be introduced to the Republican budget commission.

Thirdly, the procedure for the appointment of TSA through the optimization of the requested documents will be simplified.

Thus, employment centers or akims of rural districts and villages in the absence of information in the information systems will request the necessary documents from the relevant state bodies. The work will be carried out using "E-halyk" IS.

Second. Development of social maps of regions.

It is necessary to create electronic social maps in the regions. They will include an assessment of the needs, social and living conditions of each family.

Dear Askar Uzakbaevich, I ask You to instruct the Ministry of digitalization, akims of the regions within a month to implement a full-scale system "E-halyk" at the level of city and rural settlements.

Third. Introduction of a single package of social services and support measures (providing schoolchildren with free hot meals, preferential travel, etc.).

Fourth. Strengthen social support for families caring for children with disabilities.

This will increase the amount of allowance from 31.1 thousand KZT to 41.6 thousand KZT for 100 thousand citizens caring for children with disabilities and persons over 18 years of the first group since childhood.

Fifth. Creation of conditions for work at home for single-parent families with many children, and the allocation of a separate quota of grants and microcredits for large families in the village.

Together with "Atameken" NCE it is planned to make appropriate changes to the State program "Enbek".

Firstly, large villagers will be provided with state grants for new business ideas in the amount of 500 thousand KZT on a non-refundable basis to ensure employment, start a family business, increase the income of large villagers.

Within the framework of microcredit, 14 thousand microcredits are planned for 2019, 5 thousand will be directed to the development of entrepreneurship among mothers with many children and persons with disabilities in rural areas.

As a result, 15 thousand large families will have the opportunity to do their own business and increase incomes.

Secondly, short-term training in popular professions will be organized for large low-income rural families, social jobs at home (sewing clothes, baking, etc.) will be opened.

Dear Askar Uzakpaevich!

All this will be implemented by the Government. At the same time, I ask You to give the following instructions to the akims of the regions.

It is necessary to attract both local sources of state assistance and large businesses to the issue of housing for low-income and large families.

In particular, large enterprises should consider housing construction, at least for their employees. And local bodies on their part it is necessary to quickly solve the issues of land allocation, providing the necessary engineering and communication infrastructure.

Thank you for your attention!

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