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How will population employment centers change after the modernization?

A large-scale assessment of the Population employment centers was conducted in Kazakhstan and a comprehensive plan of measures to modernize them and improve the quality of services was developed.

The work was carried out more than a year in the framework of the project "Development of labour skills and stimulation of jobs", implemented by the Ministry of labour and social protection of population of RK with financial and technical support of the World Bank. The international public fund "K-BAGDAR", which is a consultant of the project, developed a methodology and conducted an assessment in all regions of the country.

International experts also took part in the work. For example, a delegation from the Republic of Korea made recommendations to improve the functioning of state employment services after reviewing the work of a number of employment centers in cities and rural areas. Currently, international experts continue to work on methodological recommendations for the functioning of the EC, taking into account the best international experience of countries of Europe and the OECD.   

One of the important elements of assessment became an independent sociological survey conducted by the Center for the study of public opinion (CSPO). The aim of CSPO employees was to assess the results of interaction with the unemployed after applying to the EC, to determine the level of satisfaction with the quality of services provided by the EC, as well as to identify constraints and incentives for applying to the employment services of the unemployed and enterprises. The results of the survey showed that the majority of citizens who received services in the EC work: a significant part (32%) works in places where they were employed in the EC; 18% of respondents work in the specialty, which they studied after applying to the EC; 13% found a job themselves. Thus, Employment centers provided effective assistance to 50% of applicants.

The reasons for dissatisfaction with the services received at the employment centers were also identified. In addition to the insufficient number of suitable vacancies, the survey participants mentioned the long period of consideration of applications, as well as the long wait for employment offers. According to experts, the situation can be improved by increasing the level of personnel and technical support of employment centers and departments. With more qualified personnel and the necessary material and technical equipment, employment centers and departments will be able to provide assistance to applicants more quickly and efficiently. For this purpose, in addition to assessing the activities of the EC, work was carried out to identify the quantitative needs of the centers and employment departments – in equipment, software, furniture and personnel.

The project has developed a comprehensive plan for the modernization and improvement of state employment services, including akimats of rural districts and distant EC. The comprehensive plan provides for changes in the number of positions and staff in each district or area – where the demand for state employment services is particularly high, of course, more staff will be needed to effectively and timely assistance all applicants. At the same time, the comprehensive plan involves the development of recommendations for updating statistical reporting forms, as well as the development of proposals for scaling up the positive results.

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