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An announcement of the competition for the filling of vacant positions

"Republican scientific and research institute on labour protection of the Ministry of labour and social protection of population of the Republic of Kazakhstan" RSE (hereinafter "RSRILP MLSPP" RSE) is holding a competition for the filling of vacant position in the laboratory of regulation in the field of labour protection "RSRILP MLSPP" RSE.  

         The form of a competition for the filling of vacant position:

         - researcher of the laboratory of regulation in the field of labor protection "Republican scientific and research institute on labor protection of the Ministry of labour and social protection of population of the Republic of Kazakhstan" RSE - 1 unit;

         Activities of the organization conducting scientific research in the field of safety and labor protection.

         Qualification requirements for participants of competition:


         Official duties:

         - conducts scientific research and developments on individual sections (stages, tasks) of the topic as a responsible executive or in conjunction with a scientific supervisor, in the field of regulation of labor relations and labor protection;

         - participates in the analysis and assessment of state of the labor protection management system at enterprises and organizations of various sectors of the economy;

         - participates in the analysis of occurrence of hazards, causes of injuries and occupational diseases and development of proposals for their reduction and prevention;

         - participates in the certification of production facilities on labour conditions, as well as the analysis and expertise of its results;

         - participates in the promotion of advanced domestic and foreign labour experience to improve the conditions of labor protection;

         - participates in the development and implementation of a system of production risk assessment, development of methods for assessing the effectiveness of measures and targeted programs for safety and labour protection.  

Need to know:

         Goals and objectives of the conducting researches and developments, domestic and foreign information on these researches and developments, modern methods and means of planning and organization of researches and developments, conducting experiments and observations, generalization and processing of information, including the use of electronic computer technology, the basics of legislation on science, labour legislation, internal labor regulations, fire safety requirements.

         Qualification requirements:

         Post-graduate technical education in the relevant specialty and work experience in the specialty for at least 2 years.

         Mandatory knowledge of the state language at the level of competent presentation in practical work.

         Starting date for submitting documents 21.12.2018

         Ending date for submitting documents 08.01.2019 

         Persons who wish to participate in the competition, within the terms of submitting the documents specified in the announcement, submit to the organization on paper or by mail the following documents:

1.  Application for participation in the competition with a list of attached documents;

2.  Copy of identity document;

3.  Filled personal form of accounting personnel (indicating the address of the actual residence and contact phones);

4.  Copies of documents on education in accordance with the position qualification requirements;

5.  Copy of document confirming labour activity;

6.  Health certificate in the form approved by the acting Minister of health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

         The absence of one of these documents is the reason for the return of documents to the participant of the competition.

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