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What will be the labor market

New professions, job cuts due to new technologies and displacement of routine work. These are the main topics that were raised by almost all the speakers of the last forum: "The future of the labor market: new opportunities".

The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, deputies of the Mazhilis and Senate, representatives of the OECD, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank discussed the development of employment in the context of global changes, the “Khabar 24” correspondent reports. Experts expressed their opinion on the effectiveness of student learning.

Keiko Miua, Director of global education practices at the World Bank: - I believe that the main feature of successful skills and qualifications development programs is the strong link between educational institutions and the private sector. It is necessary to involve employers as teachers, as coaches, business should participate in the development of training programs for students. Trainees must be constantly in enterprises, directly in the workplace.

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