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New professional standards in healthcare have been developed

New professional standards in dentistry, pharmacy and clinical psychology have been developed by healthcare industry experts.

The project "Development of Labor Skills and stimulation of jobs" covers 25 professions and is implemented by the Ministry of labor and social protection in cooperation with the world Bank. When developing three new professional standards in domestic medicine, we took into account the comments of all concerned parties: employers, representatives of universities, industry associations, government agencies. According to the developers’ opinion, the introduction of professional standards will improve the quality of medical and pharmaceutical services for patients. The final result will give a new impetus to the development of the entire industry, introduce new technologies, treatments and medicines.

Almagul Kauysheva, Deputy Chairman of "Kazakhstan Alliance of medical organizations" RPA : - It is the employer’s interest  in having a top-ranked specialist will come to him tomorrow. And we show our professional standards to educational institutions: universities or colleges, what kind of specialist is expected in the short and long term, what competencies and skills he should have. In fact, it is possible to help not only employers, but also domestic universities. Universities will be able to focus on training those personnel who are sorely lacking in the labor market: for example, clinical psychologists. Separate standards have been developed for them. Almagul Kauysheva, Deputy Chairman of "Kazakhstan Alliance of medical organizations" RPA: - Clinical psychologists are very necessary for us to work with patients, especially with serious diseases. For example, blood cancer in children – will work with their parents, so they do not remain alone with this problem, they will also provide psychological support to our medical staff. In such a trilateral partnership, the employer-University-state body can expect in the coming years the training of qualified personnel, stable employment of graduates and the corresponding salary for them.

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