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New professional standards - transparent rules of the game

In Kazakhstan, the development of 480 new professional standards in 16 popular areas of the economy began. The created professional standards will cover the social sphere and the financial sector, medicine and tourism, trade and food industry, oil and gas and manufacturing industry, engineering and logistics, energy and agriculture, construction, housing and communal services, small business and other priority sectors.

The work on the development and updating of professional standards is under the project "Development of labor skills and stimulation of jobs", implemented by the Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of Republic of Kazakhstan with the financial and technical support of the World Bank. A total of 550 professional standards are planned to be developed and approved during the project, 70 of them have already been developed and partially approved. Professional standards are an important component of the National qualifications system (NQS). This system is a single scale of qualification levels of general professional competencies for the development of industry qualifications framework (IQF) and professional standards. In addition to the IQF and professional standards, the elements of the NQS are educational programs and an independent system of assessment and assignment of qualifications. The content of professional standards takes into account the needs of employers. On the basis of the IQF of the association of employers, National chamber of entrepreneurs "Atameken" and industry workers' associations are working together to develop professional standards. The guidelines in a specific area of professional activity are determined, the requirements to the level of qualification and competence of specialists, to the content, quality and working conditions are established. The introduction of new professional standards will contribute to the modernization of the education system, serving as the basis for the development of educational standards and educational programs. Educational institutions, along with theoretical training, will have to form professional competences. Professional standards contribute to the formation of a balance in the labor market, establishing uniform requirements for both employees and employers, thereby providing transparent "rules of the game". Both parties will know what is required for a particular professional activity. The employee will be protected from inadequate requirements of the employer, and the employer, knowing his duties towards the employee, will be able to plan and conduct a competent personnel policy. New professional standards, developed according to the modern methodology within the project, will become a reliable reference point for all participants of the labor market.

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