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People with disabilities can be trained and work remotely


This was announced by Amir Suleimenov, the head of the International School of Information Technology at ISIT, during the forum “The Future of the Labor Market: New Opportunities”.

After the author of the project had an accident, he decided to open his own business and help people in difficult situations.

According to him, today there is a shortage of personnel in the new professions in the labor market, and therefore Kazakhstani companies are forced to turn to specialists from far and near abroad. This is due to the inaccessibility of education, able-bodied people with physical disabilities cannot work on a previously acquired specialty, are forced to stay at home due to the lack of ramps, elevators.

There is an acute shortage of personnel in digital specialties; Headhunter, publishes from 100 to 300 vacancies daily. But according to the specialties you can work in a home office.

In Kazakhstan, there are 620 thousand people with disabilities, of which in Astana - 23,069 people with special needs, excluding caregivers. Online training is becoming more and more popular. High cost and cost of offline training and its inaccessibility for some categories of the population.

The International School of Information Technology (ISIT) provides an opportunity to learn unique, well-paid and highly deficient professions in the Republic of Kazakhstan in a short time without prior knowledge, to get a workplace anywhere in the world where there is the Internet. At the same time, there are special benefits for the socially vulnerable group; free training is provided for people with disabilities. And for caring staff for persons with disabilities or seriously ill, as well as for mothers of special children, for families with many children and the unemployed, there is a preferential price.

According to Amir Suleimenov, an adapted quality program will increase the number of people trained and employed. Competitiveness and adaptation in society will increase, the quality of life of socially vulnerable people will increase, the mental state will improve, the depression will decrease, the number of divorces will be reduced and families will be destroyed, the social tension will decrease.

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