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Payment of CAP by self-employed citizens will allow access to all medical services of CSHI

From January 1, 2020, Kazakhstan plans to introduce a compulsory health insurance system. This means that in addition to the volume of free medical care, citizens will be able to use the services with the use of expensive equipment. The CAP will allow to formalize the self-employed and thus include them in the CSHI system.

The Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Kazakhstan Madina Abylkasymova said this today at the expert roundtable "What to expect from a single cumulative payment?”.

“The expenditures of the Funds exceed those receipts that will come. If we talk about the CSHI, then deductions are less than even the minimum established level from one minimum wage. We are reducing the rate of deductions by more than two times, while the entire package of social payments from the CSHI will be calculated from the base of one minimum wage. Paying 1010 tenge to the Fund, the volume of services that a citizen will receive at the exit will be 45 thousand tenge per month, which includes high-tech medical care, expensive medical services, laboratory services, and prescription drugs, as well as planned inpatient treatment. Financially, the Funds will withstand the burden, the main task is to protect and provide citizens with social guarantees, ”the minister said.

The introduction of the CAP will simplify registration and ease the tax burden, will provide the right to receive medical services within the framework of the CSHI and assign social benefits from the system of compulsory social insurance.

Payment of the CAP will allow not only to register informal activities but also to participate in the system of compulsory medical and social insurance, pension benefits.

For payers of the CAP, lower rates for tax and social payments will be determined than in the general mode. At the same time, the size of the CAP will be fixed, that is, it is not necessary to independently calculate the number of contributions to various social funds.

Defined by:

1) the size of the Unified Cumulative Payment in the cities of republican significance, the capital and regional significance -

1 MCI (2525 tenge - in 2019), in other settlements - 0.5 MCI (1263 tenge - in 2019);

2) the timeline for the implementation of the CAP for five years;

3) the share of the CAP will be:

- 10% on individual income tax;

- 20% - social contributions to the State Social Insurance Fund;

- 30% - pension payments to the Unified Accumulation Pension Fund;

- 40% - contributions to the Fund for Mandatory Social and Medical Insurance.

During the roundtable, independent experts shared their opinions.

“I have a positive attitude. By investing a small fee today, tomorrow you can count on expensive services. CAP needs to be introduced, ”said expert T. Abildaev, noting that formalization will provide citizens with medical services through both the guaranteed amount of free medical care and the compulsory health insurance system.

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