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Rudenko Lilya Alekseevna

Rudenko Lilya Alekseevna
The best mentor of young workers
Kostanai oblast
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Rudenko Lilya Alekseevna devoted more than 25 years to the education of the younger generation, successfully working as a history teacher at the school. She has good organizational and administrative skills, which allowed her to manage the team of KSU “Bauman secondary school” for almost 10 years.

As a teacher, Lilya Alekseevna freely orientates herself in all aspects of the methodology of teaching high school history. Being a director, the entire staff of the Bauman secondary school successfully leads. Colleagues speak of her as a talented teacher, wise leader, responsible employee and faithful friend.

По клику на блок «Я не робот» выполняется проверка, что голосует человек, а не робот. Если появится окно с разными изображениями, следуйте указаниям во всплывающем окне.
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