Sotkarov Abilkayr Autaevich

Sotkarov Abilkayr Autaevich
The best mentor of young workers
Aktobe oblast
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Sotkarov Abilkayyr Autaevich began his factory labor activity in 1993, in the year of the 50th anniversary of the Aktyubinsk Ferroalloy Plant by a young specialist, who arrived in the direction of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute as a dosimeter of the melting shop №1. Over the years of work at the plant from 1993 to the present, he held various positions ranging from a smelter of ferroalloys, a senior industrial foreman to a head of a workshop.

During his work at the plant, he proved himself only from the positive side, as a conscientious and highly professional worker, knows how to use methods of staff motivation, to reveal the business and creative potential of employees.

In his daily work, he is distinguished by his principles, high demands on himself and those around him, he performs all the assigned tasks on time and with high quality.

Now he shares his experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities with young specialists starting his career, for the entire period of his mentoring Abilkayyr Autaevich trained more than 50 young professionals, most of whom currently occupy positions from production foreman to shop manager, moreover Employees of the melting shop No. 2 headed by him were recognized for three years in a row as the best foremen in the structure of the entire TNC Kazchrome JSC. Under the leadership of A. Sotkarov. the smelter shop No. 2 headed by him seven times became the winner of the Best Factory workshop in-house competitions for increasing labor productivity, reducing production costs, repeatedly became the winner of the Republican public safety and labor protection nomination in the Best Brigade, site, workshop, laboratory, other structural division ".

For conscientious work and high results of his work, for active participation in the training of qualified personnel in the field of metallurgical industry, he was awarded the badge “Enbek daku” ІІІ degree, in 2015 in recognition of his merits to the Republic, for fruitful, labor work was awarded the state medal Erek Ebegi Ushin was awarded a letter of thanks from A.A. Mashkevich, Chairman of the Board of Managers of the Eurasian Resources Group SARL

The work collective enjoys high confidence and respect.

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