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Nurzhanov Erlan Bakhtybekuly

Nurzhanov Erlan Bakhtybekuly
The best young worker of production
East Kazakhstan oblast
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Yerlan Bakhtybekuly works as a Category 2 engineer in the service of preparing and conducting experiments at the Baikal-1 research reactor complex. During routine (experimental) work, he is an assistant to the shift supervisor, whose responsibility is to organize the start-up work and coordinate the actions of those responsible for the IVG.1M research reactor systems.

Currently directly involved in the international program for the conversion of research reactors in NNC of RK, the purpose of which is to implement international agreements to minimize the use of highly enriched uranium and reduce the risk of the illegal proliferation of fissile nuclear materials that can be used to create weapons of mass destruction.

Yerlan Bakhtybekuly systematically improves his professional knowledge:

- training course “Preparedness for nuclear and radiological accidents” on the subject “Training for first responders in case of a radiological emergency”. Japan Atomic Energy Agency NNC of RK;

- the course “Training Course for Specialists in the Field of Atomic Energy for the Republic of Kazakhstan” conducted in the Japanese city of Tokai by the Japan Atomic Energy Campaign (JAPC) as part of the Japanese government program.

Regularly participates in various events on a regional scale. Permanent participant of scientific conferences.

Multiple winners of billiards tournaments. He was the captain of the team of the regional intellectual game "Ziyatkerler Sayisy" of Semey, conducted by the Kazakhstan-Oskemen TV channel.

He is the head of industrial practices and diploma works of students of regional universities.

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