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Nurmaganbetov dynasty

Nurmaganbetov dynasty
The best labor dynasty
Karaganda oblast
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The total length of service of the dynasty of the Nurmaganbetov family is 197 years. The devotion to the profession of the head of the dynasty served as an example in the choice of the professional path to the next generations. In total in a dynasty of 7 teachers. For conscientious work, they were repeatedly awarded Honorary warrants, certificates, and letters of thanks.

Founder of the dynasty - Nurmaganbetov Baidyusen, born November 28, 1930, graduated in 1948 from the Karaganda Pedagogical School, from 1951 served as a teacher in the secondary school of the village of Nurken Abdirov in the Karkaraly region, from 1953 to 1982 until retirement age served as director of secondary school No. 12 in native village Akzhol Karkaraly district.

His wife, Syzdykova Damesh Syzdykovna, was born on August 20, 1933. After graduating from the Karaganda Pedagogical School from 1952 to retirement age, she held the position of an elementary school teacher at the secondary school No. 12 in the Akzhol village of the Karkaraly region.

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