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Forming the image of a public servant

Public service is the activity of civil servants in public bodies for the execution of official powers, aimed at the implementation of the tasks and functions of state power.

The State Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan is designed to regulate social processes, to ensure the integrity of the state and the realization of the interests of the citizens of Kazakhstan.

For public service, the image has an important functional and status value. It is an indicator of the level of public confidence in it and a criterion for the company to evaluate the effectiveness of management activities carried out by the state. It records the degree of compliance of actions of state bodies with the requirements and expectations of specific social groups and society as a whole. As a result, the image largely determines the behavior of citizens in relation to government bodies, determines the degree of public support for the activities of the public service and the program for its reform. Forming a positive image of the civil service and civil servants is a prerequisite for the effective functioning and development of this social institution, as well as a condition for increasing the effectiveness of the activities of state bodies and the civil service system.

Currently, the state pays serious attention to issues related to the need to improve the image of public servants.

Image (from the English word image) is a purposefully formed image (persons, organizations, phenomena), designed to have a certain emotional and psychological impact on a certain group of people.

Formation of a positive image of a public servant is a complex and lengthy process.

The process of forming a positive image of a public servant is closely interconnected with the image policy of the executive branch. The main provisions for a positive image of a public servant are defined in the Code of Honor of civil servants of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Thus, the performance of public service is an expression of special trust on the part of society and the state and places high demands on morality and moral and ethical image of public servants.

According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Civil Service”, a public servant is a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan who, in the manner prescribed by law, takes a position in a state body and performs official duties in order to realize tasks and functions from the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. of the state.

The public servant himself must possess such qualities as high moral responsibility, professional knowledge, ability to put them into practice, honesty, good faith, active life position, have a sense of patriotism, the moral character of a public servant.

For the commission of disciplinary offenses, including violations of the Code of Honor of civil servants of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Rules of Official Ethics of Civil Servants), the following types of penalties may be imposed on civil servants in accordance with Article 28 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Civil Service: warning of incomplete compliance, dismissal from office.

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