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Topical issues of social protection of persons with disabilities discussed at the Coordination Council Meeting

Coordination Council

Today, in the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the chairmanship of the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan Madina Abylkasymova, a meeting of the Coordinating Council in the field of social protection of disabled people was held.

The meeting was attended by representatives of central and local government bodies, non-governmental and international organizations, ministerial advisers and deputy mayors of the regions on disability issues.

Speeches by Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askhat Aymaganbetov, Chairman of the NGO “Association of Disabled Women“ Shyrak ”Lyazzat Kaltayeva, Deputy Mayor of Mangystau region Sholpan Ilmukhanbetova were heard.

The main issues on the meeting’s agenda were the implementation of the rights of persons with disabilities in the country, the development of a strategy to respect the rights and improve the quality of life of people with disabilities for 2019–2023, the development of the Institute of Disability Advisers, and measures to develop inclusive education.

Opening the work of the meeting, Madina Abylkasymova, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, said that the Ministry continues to work on the modernization of the social services system and medical and social expertise.

“Today, a pilot project is being tested to provide the state service“ Establishing disability, the degree of disability and determining the need for social protection measures "in an automated mode. The project provides for an extramural examination, without the personal presence of a citizen, only on the basis of medical data. The pilot was launched in Karaganda, Akmola, Kostanay, West Kazakhstan regions. The transition will be implemented everywhere in 2019, ”said M. Abylkasymova.

In addition, by the end of 2018, eight services related to disability will be transferred to the proactive format of the provision. Work has begun on the implementation of the Social Services Portal, which will allow recipients and providers of social services to interact directly on a single digital platform. To address the problem of insufficient qualifications of social workers, a National Social Work Resource Center has been established with the support of the UNICEF Children's Fund.

“According to the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 17, 2014,“ Kazakhstan's Way-2050: Common Goal, Common Interests, Common Future "by 2050 for citizens with disabilities Kazakhstan should become a barrier-free zone. Since 2012, certification of social and transport infrastructure objects has been carried out. At the beginning of the year, 32,646 socially significant objects were identified. Today, passportisation was carried out on 98.4% of the planned number, 91% is adapted, ”the minister noted.

Minister M. Abylkasymova noted the importance of further improving measures to prevent and prevent disability.

Along with this, the head of the department noted that this year the implementation of the Action Plan to ensure the rights and improve the quality of life of people with disabilities in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2012-2018 is being completed.

“The Ministry proposes to develop a Comprehensive Plan to ensure the rights and improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities for 2019-2023. To do this, an interdepartmental working group will be created to include representatives of public associations of persons with disabilities, public councils, deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and other interested state bodies, ”the head of the department noted.

In this regard, the head of the department has set tasks to implement the state policy in the field of observance and protection of the rights of persons with disabilities:

1. Further improvement of measures to prevent and prevent disability;

2. Formation by 2030 of a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities and the elderly;

3. Improving measures to ensure quality employment and increase the level of economic independence of persons with disabilities;

4. The development of an inclusive society through the active involvement of persons with disabilities in all spheres of life;

5. Improving the efficiency of social rehabilitation, habilitation and special social services through the development of digitalization of public services, the introduction of professional standards and the strengthening of interagency cooperation;

6. Conducting a broad outreach work aimed at creating a tolerant attitude of society towards disability issues.

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