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Digitalization is not a distant future, but a real present

Astana Hub

This week, Vice Minister of Labor and Social Protection Nariman Mukushev acted as speaker of Astana Hub, which took place on the territory of EXPO Astana.

Astana Hub is a platform providing comprehensive information in the field of IT business, including an overview of the local market, practical cases, analytics, advice from IT entrepreneurs and much more.

N. Mukushev spoke about the work of the electronic labor exchange and the introduction of electronic labor contracts, which greatly simplify the process of employment, excluding financial and time costs for collecting paper documents. He also drew attention to the advantages of proactive services provided by the Ministry.

The event ended with a question-answer session, during which the Vice-Minister shared his views on the development of the IT industry and digitalization within the framework of the Ministry's work. Participants not only asked questions of interest to them and received exhaustive information and practical advice, but also were able to share their experience in the field of IT technologies.

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