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Formation and strengthening the positive image of the civil servant of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Information about the formation and strengthening of a positive image of the public service

President Nursultan Nazarbayev outlined the main qualities that should have a public servant to run the country efficiently. This - the high moral responsibility, professional knowledge and ability to apply them in practice, honesty, integrity, pro-active attitude. Every person who is in the public service should realize the significance of their work, to be a patriot of his country - and to take all measures to raise the image of civil service.

Formation and strengthening the positive image of the civil servant of the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the priorities in the development of the state system. Realization of tasks in creating a highly professional public service and effective management structure that faces our country, largely driven by the professionalism of the civil servant. And I would like to present the perception has always been positive. Given the fact that the image has an important functional status and value, it is an indicator of the level of trust in the population and the criteria for assessing the effectiveness of the company management activity carried out by the state change.

The main provisions applicable to the positive image of the civil servant are defined in the Code of Ethics of civil servants of the Republic of Kazakhstan, where it says: "Carrying the public service is an expression of special confidence of the society and the state, and makes high demands of morality, moral and ethical image of civil servants" .

We are well aware that the formation of a positive image of the civil servant - complicated question of quality solutions, on which we will work continuously.

A civil servant shall be guided by the following ethical standards.

1. He must be able to dispose of power and authority and at the same time to be honest.

2. On the public service to work for the good of the state, not for the sake of their own well-being, not to be confused with public funds own pocket.

3. The official should live without fear of the question "What do you live?", As it should be grounds for the appearance of images of his villas, high fences around them and expensive foreign cars.

4. It is important to live in full harmony with the requirements of the law.

5. Should any post in any capacity to work so that under no circumstances did not lose the confidence of the people, the citizens of their country.

6. Kazakhstan civil servant should be an example of justice, modesty, to be able to behave in humans.

7. Before you manage a team, he has to learn to obey, to be able to perform that requires its employees.

8. It is necessary to immediately intervene to take action if you see that harm the interests of the State or preparing an act of corruption.

This is only part of the moral requirements for workers in the public administration.

We need to educate, to bring to the public service and to the power of just such people who perform strictly marked ethical me.

This is the true patriots of the motherland, who will do anything for her prosperity.

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