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The new center is to support people with disabilities opened in Astana

The new center is to support

Initiated the establishment of the inclusive design of the Center by the Chairman of the Public Fund "Fund of social innovation projects« ELAMAN »and social activist Diamond Yerzhan.

As part of the official presentation on April 13 this year Center visited the Vice-Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of Kazakhstan Svetlana Zhakupova, who noted that the center will be of great benefit to people with disabilities.

"There must be access to the realization of all rights without any elements of discrimination. This is the realization of their constitutional rights, voting rights, rights that lead to social benefits and the right to education. I think that the center will be another focus of which will generate new ideas and approaches "- shared Svetlana Zhakupova.

In turn, Diamond Yerzhan opening the meeting, stressed that the Center faces great challenges.    

"We have assembled a team, rented office, renovated it to suit the needs of wheelchair users. This long-term project, and we have many plans. In particular, we will launch expert training course, volunteers at an affordable environment, training for those who want to do social entrepreneurship, will provide free legal assistance to persons with disabilities ", - said Yerzhan Diamond.

The Center's work will focus on the interaction with the state bodies and the availability of the Company's facilities, consulting services for the integrated support of persons with different types of disabilities for the purpose of psychological training and information, as well as further employment and social adaptation.

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