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Action plan to improve the global competitiveness index of the World Economic Forum indicators to 2018-2019

Action plan to improve the global competitiveness index of the World Economic Forum indicators to

7. Factor "labor market efficiency"

7.01. Indicator "Partnership relations employee - employer" (MLSPP)

Current indicator - 68th (previous - 60)

7.03. Indicator "hiring and firing practices" (MLSPP)

Current indicator - 41 seats (previous - 31)

7.04. The indicator "Costs of dismissal" (MLSPP)

Current indicator - 24 location (prior - 19 place)


Take measures to strengthen social partnership:

  1. Meetings of the Republican tripartite commission on social partnership and regulation of social and labor relations
  2. Improvement of the legislation on trade union activities in order to improve the legal regulation of social relations connected with the activities of trade unions, as well as the implementation of international labor standards
  3. Conducting the National Forum "to a society of universal labor" honoring veterans of labor and rewarding the winners of the republican contest "Yenbek Zholy"
  4. The ceremony of awarding the winners of the competition on social responsibility "Paryz" business
  5. Improving labor legislation with the participation of representatives of workers and employers in the framework set up under the Ministry of the expert group to analyze the legal practice of labor law with the consideration of the rules that affect the GCI WEF

Information on SCS

April - October 2018 - 2019 years.

MLSPP, OP RK (advisor)




7.02. The indicator "The flexibility in setting salaries" (MLSP)

Current indicator - 105 location (previous - 39)

7.06. The indicator "Remuneration and performance" (MLSP)

Current indicator - 50 location (prior - 38)  


Establish a mechanism to provide timely responses to requests received from individuals and legal entities, on the Minister's blog, the website of the Ministry for the establishment of wage workers and on wages and productivity

Information on SCS

April - October

2018-2019 gg.


7.05. Indicator "The effect of taxation to encourage the work" (NEM, MF)

The current figure - 62 place (previous - 28th place) 


Designed with the business community proposals to reduce the tax burden on the wage fund of enterprises and organizations, including with regard to the introduction of social health insurance system

Proposals for changes in the PPA

August 2018

NEM, CGO, NPP "Atameken" (as agreed)

7.07. Indicator "Professionalism managers" (NPP (by agreement))

Current indicator - 105 location (previous - 96th) 


Spend with business associations and enterprises work on the implementation of corporate governance principles, including through special training programs 

Information on SCS

April - October

2018-2019 gg.

GMP (advisor)

7.08. Indicator "The potential of the country to retain talent" (MES, MLSPP, NEM)

The current rate - 80th place (previous - 62 place)

7.09. Indicator "The potential of the country to attract talent" (MES, MLSPP, NEM)

Current indicator - 57 place (previous - 52) 


Develop proposals for incentive measures and the creation of favorable conditions for:

- retention of talent and highly qualified specialists in the country

- bringing into the country of Kazakhstan specialists working abroad

Recommendations on the SKS

March 2018

MLSPP, MES, NEM, NPP "Atameken" (as agreed)

7.10. Indicator "Working women, the proportion in relation to men" (MLSP)

The current rate - 28th place (previous - 28th place)


Encourage greater proportion of women among the program participants to promote zanyatostina level above 49%

Information on SCS

April - October 2018 - 2019 years.

MLSPP, the oblast akimat, GG Astana and Almaty


Increase the proportion of women among members of the same program to support entrepreneurship "Business Road Map - 2020"

The information in the MLSPP

1 times in half

2018-2019 gg.

NEM, JSC "NMH" Baiterek "(as agreed)

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