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The MLSP RK discussed issues of labor relations in the construction industry

building sector

Vice-Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of Kazakhstan Nurzhan Altana held a meeting on the state of labor relations in the construction industry with the participation of builders 'Association of Kazakhstan, the National Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the construction industry, the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, NGO "Industry Workers' Union of the building complex and housing and communal services." In the video conferencing mode took part and deputy akim.

As noted in his report to the Vice-Minister of Labor Nurjan Altana, the construction industry is one of the "leaders" of the employment of workers without employment paperwork.

"Often, when a mass release of employers do not put in the service of employment and fame are not informed in advance of their employees for dismissal, not contributing to their further employment. Thus, without thinking about the possible social consequences, the heads of construction companies ignore labor laws, "- said Deputy Minister of Labor.

According to Nurzhan Altayeva in this regard, effective measures of state support for the population and for employers provided by the program of development of productive employment and mass business. However, not all employers are aware of these instruments.

In particular, the retraining of workers in view of reduced co-employers, partial wage subsidies "social jobs" youth practice, increasing labor mobility, the search and selection of personnel by means of electronic labor exchange.

However, during the meeting the sides discussed joint measures for solving the existing problems of arrears of wages, as well as the causes of occupational injuries and joint solutions to prevent it.

"Statistics show that at present the construction industry is the most traumatic. Despite the overall decline in the level of injuries each year more than a thousand workers are injured at work "- summed up the vice-minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurzhan Altana.

We spoke at the meeting, and the low level of legal awareness among both employers and employees of the construction industry. By the way, in 2017, the territorial bodies of the Ministry are organized by more than 1900 seminars on this topic. State labor inspectors conducted regions more than 2 thousand. Seminars.

"However, the issue of legal literacy workers requires employers to interest themselves and work in this direction is necessary to activate" - summed up the vice-minister.

Following the meeting, the parties intend to develop a plan of joint activities to address the problematic issues concerning labor relations in the construction industry.

Recall, January 31 this year in the implementation of the Labor Code, by the Government, republican associations of employers and republican trade unions signed a new General Agreement for 2028-2020 years and the road map for its implementation. The agreement is aimed at achieving the objectives emanating from the Third modernization, designated head of state, and include measures to resolve the existing problems.

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