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Whether the benefit is paid to the improvement of the technical staff of government agencies and state-owned enterprises?

In accordance with Article 139 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter the Code) civil servants, contained due to the state budget granted annual paid leave of not less than thirty calendar days from the payment of an allowance for health improvement in the amount of salary.

According to Article 1 of the Code civil servant - a person holding inestablished  the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan paid full-time position in the state-owned enterprises, public institutions and exercising official authority in order to implement their tasks and functions of the maintenance and operation of public authorities.

According to Annex 3 of the Resolution of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 31, 2015 № 1193 "On the wage system for civil servants, workers of the organizations financed from the state budget, state enterprises employees" (hereinafter the Decision) of the Civil Servants includes skilled workers, labor which requires training and expertise in accordance with the Uniform tariff and schedule of works and trades workers.

Unskilled workers (eg, cleaners) are not civil servants, in connection with which this category of workers guide a healthcare to paid annual leave is not paid.

Meanwhile, according to paragraph 6 of Resolution heads of the organizations the right to establish incentive bonuses to the salaries of employees of organizations, to reward and provide material assistance at the expense of savings, provided for the maintenance of the relevant state institutions for the financing plan in the absence of accounts payable, or the plan of development approved for public enterprise governance body in the absence of accounts payable, in long yadke defined sectoral agreement, the collective agreement and (or) acts of the employer.

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