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Information on the training MLSPP RK

Internship – the activity of the employee of the employee outside the place of permanent work aimed at the acquisition of professional knowledge and practical experience in the relevant field of activity.

In accordance with the Rules of administrative internships of civil servants, approved by order of Chairman of Agency of Republic of Kazakhstan for civil service Affairs and anti-corruption dated January 20, 2017 No. 12 (hereinafter - the Rules) at the Ministry of labour and social protection of population of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - the Ministry) organized training for the staff of territorial departments of the Committee of labor, social protection and migration of the Ministry of employment coordination and social programs of local Executive bodies and subordinate organizations of the Ministry.

The objective of the internship conducted by the Ministry is the formation of personnel reserve.

According to the Rules before the start of the internship is developed by the individual plan. Intern for two working days before the end of the internship appears to be a written report on the outcomes of internships on the implementation of the plan and the information acquired in the course of the internship skills, theoretical and practical knowledge. Head of structural unit, which conducted the internship prepares a review by the end of the training on employee who has passed probation.

In accordance with the schedule of the internship, as approved by the responsible Secretary of the Ministry for the 4th quarter of 2017, were trained about 40 workers.

Was the criteria for probation in the Ministry. The head of the sending state authority/organisation for the internship represents a characteristic on the employee specifying the following information:

responsibility and diligence of the employee, discipline, manageability, performance, initiative, leadership qualities and ability to organize work, analytical skills, loyalty to the organization, knowledge of the state language, the ability to build equal working relationships with colleagues, communication skills and ability to work in team, ability to work with software products.

Currently trained on the 1st half of 2018.

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