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Basic ethical requirements that you must fulfill government employees

Basic ethical requirements that you must fulfill government employees:

• comply with ethical principles and principles of public service based on accepted moral and ethical standards;
• to counteract corruption in state bodies;
• fulfill the responsibilities, comply with the prohibitions and restrictions established by the Law "On state service of the Republic of Kazakhstan";
• should work for the good of the state, not for the sake of your own well being, not to confuse public funds with own pocket;
• not to commit misconduct, discrediting the state service;
• to take measures for prevention and resolution of conflicts of interests;
• not to perform duties, if there is a conflict of interest;
• strive to find and use the most efficient, effective, transparent methods of performance of official functions;
• to serve as an example of respect for the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
• not to demand from the public servants of execution of instructions beyond the scope of their official duties;
• never make for yourself and your family members any of benefits and advantages, using the office powers;
• to avoid abuse of official position for mercenary or other personal interest;
• prevent actions which might be regarded as bribes or corruption;
• to prevent patronage or connivance in the service;
• to prevent protectionism, nepotism at admission and promotion in the public service;
• do not exert undue preference to natural and legal persons, colleagues in the preparation and decision-making;
• working time is not wasted on the Internet, movies and other personal things not related to work;
• should not be late for work, must timely execute orders of the management;
• public servants must respect the traditions, customs and languages of all peoples living in Kazakhstan;
• in connection with the performance of official duties not to use for personal purposes the services of citizens and legal persons;
• comply with business ethics and rules of official behavior with colleagues and citizens;
• comply with standards of conduct during off-duty hours, to prevent cases of antisocial behavior;
• I can't openly demonstrate their religious beliefs in the team, to force the subordinated workers to participation in activity of public and religious associations, other nonprofit organizations;
• to comply with the formality, the restraint and accuracy of her appearance;
• in case of unreasonable public charge in corruption, to take measures for their denial;
• to observe the standards of conduct associated with public performances;
• keep any discussions in the correct form, not undermining the authority of the public service.

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