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More than a thousand people received clarification of the measures of state support from the Ministry of labor and social security in the Saryagash district of SKO

social protection measures

In the framework of the project the General Prosecutor of Kazakhstan "Kazakhstan without violence" since the beginning of project implementation (June 5, 2017) working group from among employees of social protection agencies and prosecutors, 22 meetings were held with the population of Saryagash district, in which social protection measures were explained 1 058 people.

Recall that the project “Kazakhstan without violence”focused on the development and implementation of effective mechanisms of counteraction to domestic violence and should help to reduce crime in this area.

In total, 109 people applied to an individual order and they are given the right education. The result of these measures, residents were provided the following types of assistance:

- 1 person assisted in the design of targeted social assistance;

- 12 individuals from low-income families registered as unemployed;

- prepared 5 applications for assistance under the state program "Orleu";

- 7 individuals placed on the waiting list of recipients of the housing;

4 person who has submitted the complaint is directed for examination to determine the disability;

- 4 persons provided by the issuance of a wheelchair;

- 4 children from poor families received assistance in securing a summer vacation (2 stream children's summer camp);

- 8 children from low-income families included in the list of recipients of free uniforms;

- secured the acceptance of the application for the issue of permits in sanatorium 1 disabled;

- 1 poor family is included in the list of recipients of solid fuel in the framework of the sponsorship;

- 2 residential buildings conducted by the epizootic event, which features a large reproduction of mites;

-adoption of documents 2 persons on the completion of training of specialists;

- assisted 1 person on registration of documents in registry offices;

- 1 poor person shall refund the amount of money in the amount of 110 thousand tenge taken by fraud.

According to the results of the pilot run, the Ministry of labor and social protection of Kazakhstan intends to continue to support the project “Kazakhstan without violence.”

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