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The Minister of labour and social protection held a meeting on employment prospects of the population of Kostanay region


Today during a working trip Prime Minister of Kazakhstan in the Kostanay region, the Minister of labour and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Tamara Duissenova held a seminar-meeting on issues of realization of the program of development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship. The event was attended by akim of the region, akims of cities, districts, rural districts, heads of employment centers and service to the public and other interested agencies.

The Minister informed on the progress of implementation of the program of development of productive employment and mass business in the whole country.

In Kostanay region within the first direction of the program (participants of technical and vocational education and short professional training) in the current year it is planned to train more than 1,000 people by the 200,9 million KZT. Since April this year started the implementation of short courses based on the colleges and training centres employers with the involvement of trainers-practitioners.

“Taking into account the proposals of the regions, we will work with MES has designed 8 special projects for training in the most demanded in the labour market, professions and curricula to them. The project will cover more than 16 thousand people. Of them started training 9.5 thousand people. In Kostanai region began training 1.8 thousand people,” - said the Minister.

In addition, in five regions (Akmola, Aktobe, East Kazakhstan, Mangistau and Kostanay obl.) will be tested the use of mobile training centers for training of persons living in remote rural areas.

Together with the akims of the areas identified 127 thousand new jobs created in the framework of public projects, sectoral programs and regional development programs (for Kostanay region is 5.5 thousand jobs), 219 thousand new jobs created legal entities (for Kostanay region – 7.7 thousand jobs) and an additional order of 288 thousand jobs released (for Kostanay region – 10.9 thousand released), in connection with the achievement of citizens of retirement age and access to leave to care for a child. By the end of this year will be more than 635 thousand employed jobs (for Kostanay region – 24 thousand jobs), which are the reserve for the unemployed and self-employed. The results of this work between the Ministry and the Governors signed Memoranda for the achievement of these indicators.

In the second direction (the Development of mass entrepreneurship) in Kostanay region it is planned to issue 440 microloans, including in the cities 186 of microcredit in rural areas 254 of microcredit (the microcredit provided 2 771,8 million KZT). Planned to teach the basics of entrepreneurship 1 125 (80,2 million KZT).

In addition, for first-time beginners, in the framework of a project "Bastau Business" (NGE "Atameken") for entrepreneurship training. He started in 9 regions, and today the project covers more than 2 thousand people (in Kostanay region 361 people).

Since may of this year starts microcredit ministries of agriculture and the national economy from the funds of the new programme. However, without waiting for this, the Fund of financial support of agriculture issued 704 microcredit funds returned under the program "employment Road map 2020", including in the Kostanay region issued on the 8th of microcredit.

The third direction of the program (Development of the labour market through promotion of employment and labour mobility) is intended to support measures in Kostanay region 2,5 million people. Including 621 people who are subsidized social jobs, 157 young professionals went to the "youth practice" and more than 1.7 million aimed at public works.

Recall that in order to increase labour mobility of citizens of the Program as measures of the state support for voluntary relocation, provided the relocation grant is a lump sum for each family member for 35 MCI (79 415 KZT) to cover the cost of hiring (rent) of housing and payment of utilities which are paid monthly over 12 months from 15 to 30 MCI (from 34 to 68.1 thousand tenge) per family. Government regulations determined the region 4 disposals and 7 regions arrival citizens and for 2017 the quota in the amount of 2.7 thousand people.

As previously reported, from 3 to 5 April in the South Kazakhstan region held an interregional job fair with the participation of employers in the regions of arrival. After signing a Memorandum on interregional cooperation (NKR, EKR, Kostanay and Pavlodar regions). Previously, 672 families (2 019 employees) expressed a desire for voluntary resettlement in the Northern and Central regions on employment suggested that job fairs jobs. The same activities are planned in Zhambyl and Almaty regions.

Overall, since the beginning of the Program (from 1 January 2017) the support of the state received more than 114,3 thousand Kazakhstanis.

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