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"The American chamber of Commerce welcomed the new order of attraction of foreign labor force in Kazakhstan", - IA ""

Today at the meeting with the Minister of labor and social protection of population of RK Tamara Duissenova representatives of the American chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan: Deputy Director of the Kazakhstan Royal Dutch Shell Dirk Eppner and Director in Kazakhstan Boston Consulting Group, Jan Dirk Viber commended the changes made in the rules of attracting foreign labor force in Kazakhstan,reports

At the beginning of the meeting, Tamara Duissenova noted that from 1 January 2017 in our Republic has been improved the order of attraction of foreign labor force. In particular, the quota for foreign labor force, which was previously established as a percentage of the economically active population of the country, is now set separately for each sector, industry (or economic activity). The calculation of quotas is conducted by the regional commissions on the basis of employers' applications, taking into account a comprehensive analysis of labor demand, the forecast number of unemployed, the need for strategic projects (such as SPIID), evaluation of efficiency of attraction of foreign labor force in the previous year, the press service of the Ministry of labor and social protection of population of RK.

When issuing work permits instead of the special conditions which had to fulfil the employers, they introduced a tax levy. His rates are in the corridor from 137 to 250 MCI, depending on the category of foreign labor and industry, fees are paid to local budgets. Remain requirements for employers to comply with the conditions on local content in personnel: managers and their deputies – not less than 70%, technicians and skilled workers – at least 90%.

On matters of intra-corporate transfer (hereafter ICT) national legislation is in conformity with the standards of the world trade organization, the ICT is carried out in the sectors determined by the Government, for a period determined by the labor contract but not exceeding 3 years, with an option to renew the permission for 1 year.

When the ICT remain requirements for implementation by employers of the special conditions of choice – professional training, retraining or advanced training of Kazakhstan, or the creation of additional jobs.

Requirements for local content in personnel will operate according to the simplified scheme in the ratio of 50/50 for managers and specialists, the first leaders and their deputies is not covered.

Resolution in the framework of the ICT will be issued on a free basis. Can only to transfer executives, managers and professionals.

In addition, this year the foreign workers who come to Kazakhstan without invitation of any employer, it is not necessary to obtain work permits in the governorates.

"These permits were substituted for a certificate of qualification. This certificate will be issued by our Ministry on the recommendation of the relevant Committee, composed of representatives of the competent authorities in charge of industry and economic activities, certain to attract FWS. In this case the qualification of such foreign workers will be required by level of education and experience, which will be evaluated on a scoring system. Here, the basis is the canadian rating system – more points awarded for experience. The certificate will be valid throughout the territory of the country within the first 3 months of stay of foreign citizens in Kazakhstan. If he finds a permanent job, he should apply to our Ministry and help will be extended for the term of his employment agreement, but not more than 3 years together," said Tamara Duissenova.

In turn, Dirk Eppner noted that changes in the Rules of attracting foreign workers to Kazakhstan, will promote the inflow of skilled labor and to attract new foreign investors.

"We see very positive developments on issues of attracting foreign labor force, in particular on the issue of work permits. It is very important that you share the qualifications and skills of employees, as employers important to their experience. People may initially have the same education, but to work successfully in a different direction. For example, the lawyer can be a great Manager," he said.

At the end of the meeting the representatives of the American chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan demonstrated advanced information system "Foreign workers" on the website of the MLSP RK with which a foreign citizen, while in their country, can apply for a certificate of qualification. In the case of a positive decision, a certificate is issued in electronic form, then it can open work visa at the diplomatic representation of Kazakhstan.

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