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Assessment by Sarbasov A. A. for 2016 year

Assessment sheet

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Outcome measures


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The implement the agreement


1.The prevention and suppression of violations of labor legislation and safety and labor protection

Priority No. 1


2. Implementation of the state policy and control in the field of social security

Priority No. 2


3. Implementation of measures to improve regulation of attraction foreign labor in the Republic of Kazakhstan and monitoring coverage of oralmans social support system

Priority No. 3


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Professional level and personal qualities


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      Authorized person

S. N. P. Duysenova Tamara Bosymbekovna

The position of the Minister of healthcare and social development of Kazakhstan

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Results of the evaluation are introduced:

S. N. P. Sarbasov Achmadi Adilovich

Chairman of the Committee of labor, social protection and migration of the MHSD

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Review of activities of state executive

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Sarbasov Achmadi Adilovich


Evaluation period __2016__

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Over the evaluated period was received a score of activities


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1. Committee monitoring of the situation is conducted on an ongoing basis: for the prevention and resolution of social and labor conflicts; wage arrears; the risk of the release of the workers, as well as the conclusion of memoranda on mutual cooperation on stabilization of production processes, ensuring labor rights and guarantees of workers, social protection and employment of redundant workers.

Reduced occupational injury rate by 2.4% compared to the year 2015, including with a deadly outcome by 1.2%.

There were implemented security and protection of labor new approaches for the implementation of the internal control of safety and labor protection, through the establishment of industrial security and labor protection, whose decisions are binding for the employer. In 2016, the enterprises of the Republic established 11215 works councils.

To encourage employers is the procedure for voluntary declaration of their activity on compliance with labor laws.

 2. In the field of migration, from 1 January 2017 it was designed and put into action new approaches for attracting foreign labor force which was based on the idea of creating a free market of highly qualified specialists. It was modified approach of quotas for foreign labor force with an emphasis on regional need and economic viability. It was introduced a differentiated payment for work permits on the principle of increase in the cost of resolution with a reduction in the skills involved employee. It was introduced a new tool for attracting foreign labor force within corporate transfer, consistent with the conditions and principles of the world trade organization.

Organized a meeting of senior officials in the framework of the Almaty process with the participation of 7 Central Asian countries and 3 observer countries.

In the part of ethnic migration it was imposed quotas of repatriates and displaced persons in some regions of the country, considering the socio-economic situation on the regional labor market.

3. In the field of social security in 2016 more than 4 million citizens were provided by government services. For the first time 2016 52.2 thousand people were recognized as disabled. It was developed 91.9 thousand of individual programs of rehabilitation of the disabled people. The Committee on an ongoing basis realizes the state control for compliance with the rights and barrier-free access for persons with disabilities.

During the reporting period 370 inspections were done. The result is 335 entities issued orders to eliminate violations and officials 182 of the subjects applied the administrative penalty in the amount of KZT 26.1 million.

Also, the Committee carried out work on organization and holding of the annual exhibition "the best social projects were implemented in Kazakhstan".



The Minister                                                                                                  T. Duysenova

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