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In 2016 arrived in Kazakhstan there were more than 33.7 thousand oralmans


In 2016, 16 417 families and 33 754 thousand ethnic Kazakhs returned to their homeland and got the status of oralmans.

Most oralmans is 65.5% came from Uzbekistan, 24.9% came from China, 3.2% - from Turkmenistan, 2,7% - from Mongolia, 3.7% - from other countries.

The greatest number of repatriates settled in South Kazakhstan oblast is 33.9%, Almaty region – 25,4%, in Mangystau region – 10.6% and Zhambyl region – 5.8% and in other regions - 24.3%.

65.4% of the arrivals is working age, and 28.6% is children under the age of 16 years, and 6% is retired.

From among the ethnic repatriates of working age 10,8% has higher education, 20,3% - secondary education, 65% - general secondary education, 3.9% has no education.

In order to encourage return of ethnic Kazakhs to their historical homeland by the Law of RK "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on migration and employment", provides:

- provide of ethnic Kazakhs by oralman status, regardless of the region of settlement. Ethnic Kazakhs in contrast, foreign citizens can obtain a residence permit by contacting the immigration police, without confirming his solvency;

- getting the social package by ethnic Kazakhs in case of settlement in the regions determined by the Government with the establishment of the quota for the admission of repatriates. The oralman can also get this social support if he moves from any region of the country to other the regions defined by the Government of Kazakhstan for resettlement. However, in the case of disposal of these regions earlier than five years benefits package will be returned to the state;

- reduction of term for obtaining citizenship for up to one year after receiving the repatriates residence permit.

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